Monday, February 12, 2007

Where have I been?

Long story, but I'm now living in Missouri and working in my field. The lack of updates is more reflective of my lack of homegrown Internet access than of anything else. But, by good fortune, I just found an Internet cafe within walking distance of my apartment. (Even if my server crashed there and this is being posted two days after I wrote it.) This means I will not go away after all!

Note to New Orleans bloggers: I may, from time to time, talk about local culture of which you may be unfamiliar. In an attempt to not leave you adrift, here's a brief list of terms I may use from time to time. Don't hesitate to speak up if any of these words stump you:

"6.5 percent sales tax"
"Smoking section"
"Wool hat"
"You guys"
"Authentic Cajun cooking"

This past week has been a blur; but it's been a lot of fun too. From one FEMA hotspot to another, this is Ian McGibboney saying: please don't stop reading me! How else are you going to stay in touch with middle American values?

Have a nice day!


ashley said...

You moved? To Iowa?

Now Captain beefheart is our only finger on the pulse of Lafayette?

Sacre bleu.

Anonymous said...

Least you're still in MIMAL! But Missouri is still quite far away.

Bridget and I were just talking bout you this afternoon. Best of luck in the northland.


JTekell said...

Congratz on finding a job! I know how hard that is. I hope it works out for the best...and enjoy the 4 distinct seasons the Show Me state offers.

oyster said...

I wish you all the best in the "show me" state, of which I am all too familiar.

Michael said...

Good luck in Missouri. Congrats on getting a job.

Isn't it sad that the best we can hope for these days

jeffrey said...

I like what Michael said. I don't even have to move you off of my aptly title "Louisiana and diaspora" blogroll