Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mardi Gras in the Midwest

According to the local news, next week is the religious observance of Shrove Tuesday.

I have this day off.

Now read that first sentence again.

Religious observance of Shrove Tuesday.

That's like saying Jeffrey Dahmer violated the terms of his apartment contract.

I may have to throw beads at myself.


dangerblond said...

Well, what is your fucking point? This is a Christian country and as such we reserve the right to get naked and throw ice on Shrove Tuesday, instead of flipping burgers for the Man. Do what you wanna, hang on the cornah. Happy Mardi Gras ya Yankee.

Bridget said...

When I was little I used to hang beads on my ceiling fan, then turn it on and pretend I was at a very short parade. You can try that.