Monday, February 26, 2007

Dis Patches

--At an antiques/sports-memorabilia store here in Springfield, you can buy an Archie Manning autographed Saints mini-helmet for $80. Aaron Brooks goes for $70 and Donte Stallworth goes for about the same price. For the tight-pocketed, Jeff Blake's is only $50. Guess they were sold out of the Chip Lohmillers...

--James Cameron is coming out with a new documentary claiming that a tomb discovered in 1980 contains the remains of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their kid. That tinkling you feel is Dan Brown wetting his pants.

--Here's my suggestion for a "Before and After" Wheel of Fortune puzzle: "Payroll Taxes of Evil."

--Tony Blair announced that he is going to begin withdrawing British troops from Iraq. Looks like they're the Coalition of the Willing to Leave. I wish we'd join up.

--Peter Pan recalled a bunch of its peanut butter after it was discovered that certain batches were infected with salmonella. While helping Katrina refugees in 2005, I ate a Peter Pan sandwich, went home and vomited 20 times in three hours. So I can sympathize.

--In Springfield, the local bars hosted a Mardi Gras pub crawl: for $10, you could go to all of the downtown bars. It sounds like a bargain, sure, but my friend went and told me that most of the bars weren't charging covers anyway. Also, it wasn't quite as rowdy as New Orleans (or even Lafayette).

--A female suicide bomber killed more than 40 people at a university in Iraq. Most of the news feeds I've seen of this emphasize that the bomber was a woman. I don't get it; that's like emphasizing the color of Charles Manson's school bus. What's really newsworthy to me is that these people are willing to blow up their own institutions of education, the pillars that stand the best chance of really bringing an end to the barbarism prevalent in the Middle East. On the other hand, maybe it does make sense.

--I watched "Rudy" last night. Man, that movie makes me cry more than "Forrest Gump" sauteed in onions. "Rudy" actually parallels my own high-school football career, except for the part about people cheering me onto the field. My teammates did call me "Rudy," though.


Cajun Tiger said...

two points.

1. There are so many holes already in the Cameron piece it is barely even worth making a fuss about.

2. British troops are leaving Southern Iraq b/c it is under control. Just like if the Korean troops were to leave it would mean nothing b/c they are in the Kurdish region.

Ian McGibboney said...

1) That hasn't stopped people from making a fuss about it. Anyway, people make fusses about things with holes in them all the time.

2) Spoken like a true neocon. If everything else is under control, then why don't the British move into the eye of the strom, since we could really use their help? Or is that too politically damaging for Tony Blair?

Cajun Tiger said...

1. Meant for me personally, but if need to know some of the holes, let me know and I'll be happy to share.

2. It's called areas of operation. Each country was assigned areas of operation with the task of controling the region, rebuilding infrastructure, training the Iraqis to secure the area, then turn over control of the area. There are no crossover in regions from what I understood as that was the way international joint forces work. So spin it however you like, but that is the facts on the ground.