Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A reasoned commentary on Bush's rebuilding plan for New Orleans, as outlined in the 2007 SOTU Address

Oh, wait....


Jason F. said...

That's right Ian, same ol' lying deceiver Bush, he can never be believed or relied upon or trusted to ever do anything right, EVER, he is Decepeticon!

BeerMan said...

I know!

Lets use taxpayer dollars to rebuild a shithole that was built below sea level between a lake and a BIG FUCKING OCEAN, which all honest observation should be a FUCKING SWAMP except for the HUGE PUMPS that keep it dry.

That way, next time there is a hurricane, it can be destroyed again. This way, shit in New Orleans will always be new.

Wait, I have a better idea. MOVE THE FUCK OUT ASSHOLE!!!!

doctorj2u said...

Need a little anger management little boy? Grow up and use the mind God gave you. You must have a truly insular world.

cb said...

I guess I shouldn't marvel at how much some people misunderstand, disown and even hate New Orleans. I suppose it's just a way of dealing with inconvenient facts.

Or maybe i'm just not reading the diatribes against the persistant settlement of Los Angeles and San Francisco in spite of Earthquakes, or in favor of also abandoning Washington DC to the swamp it was built on (though I'm maybe not so opposed to that myself). It is interesting how willing many Americans are happy to be shown up by European nations in the field of land reclamation/flood control/civil engineering. "We don't cut and run" my arse.

those who share the opinion of Beerman: For the sake of the integrity of your beliefs, please stop enjoying American music, petroleum and well-seasoned food.