Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saints rout Cowboys, 42-17

I'm Ian McGibboney, and I approve the hell out of this message!


JTekell said...

While I'm still waiting for the Saints to break my heart again, I was very happy to see this. Dallas is very upset this morning.

Nick said...

After the first 5 weeks of the season, I was still expecting a typical Saints hiccup.

But this is certainly a different team. There is now a QB who knows how to play smart and not throw away games. The two-headed monster of McAllister and Bush seems to be a perfect fit. And, in a move just about everyone questioned before the season, the Saints got rid of the extremely talented, but heartless pansy Donte Stallworth and replaced him with a tough, young version of Keyshawn Johnson, except without the ego.

One defense, the front four is tough, and the DE's are one of the most talented pairs in the league.

I'm not looking for a hiccup. I'm looking for a deep playoff run, possibly the "unthinkable."

Anonymous said...

I still holding my breath. Is this the year?

Nick said...

Don't say it, CT. Please control emotions and not let the football gods hear anyone from Louisiana utter that sacred phrase.

Ian McGibboney said...

I remember the last time the Saints went 9-4, in 2002. I was in the Dome, cheering the Saints in their rout against the eventual champ Buccaneers. They then beat astronomical odds by dropping their final three games and missing a thousand loopholes that would have put them in the playoffs. It's not over until it's over, says Starship. But I must emphasize this: THIS IS NOT THAT TEAM. Not by a long shot. If anything, this Saints squad wins because they never take anything for granted. They play as if they're always behind, but still have a shot at winning. You can feel it when you watch them play.

One thing's for sure: last night was a pivotal moment in the entire Saints franchise history. They are Super Bowl material if they continue on this track. And, given their ability to close games (unique in Saints history), this squad is going to make it.

Nick said...

I think Drew Brees has been the biggest component in this equation that is really working for the Saints. In 2001, I really had him pinned as the best QB in the draft. Granted, '01 wasn't much of a year for QB's coming out, but it was a draft that featured Mike Vick, Mark Bulger, and heisman trophy winner Chris Weinke. I saw Brees, during his last two seasons at Purdue, as possibly a poor man's Joe Montana, except with a bit stronger of an arm. He has never been the most athletic QB, an arm that is weak by NFL standards, but he was a pure winner at Purdue.

However, after his first 3 seasons, 2 of which as a starter, I figured I was completely wrong on that prediction. Both Vick, and certainly Bulger, had been playing better and winning more than Brees.

But then came the '04 & '05 seasons, and now this year. I think back in 2000, I may have been right after all. Lucky guess. I thought Tyrone Calico, from Middle Tennessee State, was going to be a stud NFL receiver by now. Most NFL fans don't even know who the hell he is.

Hillary For President said...

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