Sunday, December 17, 2006

The past 11 months and 16 days in review

(Stolen from practically everybody)

1) Where did you ring in 2006?
A subdued get-together at someone else's house. It was fine, but lame by comparison to 2004 and 2005.

2) What was your status by Valentine's Day?
Being considered for the, I mean, single. By choice. I was dumped on Valentine's Day years ago, and only once have I ever been attached for it. I'm definitely in the "screw it" faction regarding Feb. 14.

3) Were you in school (anytime this year)?
No. And considering that it was the first year since 1983 that I hadn't been in school, I really had trouble dealing with it.

4) How did you earn your keep?
Miles away from how I thought I'd be doing it...but keeping hope alive.

5) Did you ever have to go to the hospital?
No...fortunately, frustration is not a physical injury.

6) Did you ever encounter the police?
My friend is an Asset Protection cop at a major department store. I check on him frequently to assess his protection of the assets.

7) Where did you go on vacation?
New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. The toll was two days' worth of driving through Texas; but it was worth it for a month in the great American West!

8) What did you purchase that was over $500?
I don't think I spent more than $150, and that was for my 2007 supply of soft contacts.

9) Did you know anybody who got married?
Lots of people I know (or once knew) got married, but I didn't go to any of their weddings. Not that I even keep track of such things anymore.

10) Did you know anybody who passed away? last remaining grandparent.

11) Have you run into anybody you graduated high school with?
Well, yeah, because Lafayette is a small world. Fortunately, this is the first time in two years that a mini-reunion didn't happen at a classmate's funeral (in addition to the Iraq casualty in 2004, two classmates died here in a two-month period in 2005).

12) Did you move anywhere?
If you count the month I stayed in Utah, yeah. It was actually a tough decision to come back home. I loved the outdoors and the quiet nights, and I weighed several potential jobs there.

13) What sporting events did you go to?
Maybe one UL football game. Guess I'm bored with local sports after 11 or so die-hard years. But I barely go a day without watching Saints games or highlights.

14) What concerts did you go to?
I saw several of my sister's high-school chorus concerts. I also listened to numerous 80s CDs.

15) Are you registered to vote?
Absolutely...since 1998!

16) If so, did you do your patriotic duty on Nov. 7?
Hell yes I did! Can't you tell? Actually, my Congressman, Charles Boustany won re-election with 71 percent of the vote, in probably the only GOP landslide in the you probably couldn't tell.

17) Where do you live now?
In a transitory state, hoping to reverse my fortune in 2007.

18) Describe your birthday?
My grandmother's funeral was elegant and classy.

19) What's the one thing you thought you would never do but did in 2006?
I actually took a scheduled trip across the country! The money ran out in 2004 and Rita killed plans in 2005...but the third time was the charm!

20) What is one thing you regretted this year?
Not being able to look back on 2006 with much fondness.

21) What's something you learned about yourself?
Probably more than I ever will in any subsequent year. Mainly I've discovered how others perceive me (for better of for worse), and that seeing bad behavior in others compels me to refine my own personality.

22) Any new additions to your family? parents are too old for that sort of thing, and I love the world too much to spawn.

23) What was your best month?
Not counting the entire Saints season (knock on wood!), probably July. The month I "lived" in Utah.

24) What pop culture will you remember 2006 by?
I rarely dip into current pop culture anymore...but I've had "The Saints Are Coming" by U2 and Green Day in my head all month, so it'll probably be that.

25) How would you rate this year with a scale from 1 (shitty) to 10 (excellent)?
1, which is a significant improvement over 2005.

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