Thursday, December 07, 2006

HS state championship: a whiff of Sulphur

Tonight, the Wreckin' Rams of Acadiana High will take on the Golden Tornadoes of Sulphur, for the 5A state football championship. Geaux Acadiana!!

Words cannot adequately express how much I support you in the most important game in Louisiana high-school football. As a contender in south Louisiana's largest and toughest district (2-5A), you have cut your proverbial teeth on some of the best teams around. Your triumphs over much superior squads reflect the Lion's share of luck.

Since Acadiana High's inception in 1969, the Rams football team has endured only a handful of losing seasons. Four of the last six years have seen your program advance to the semifinals, and last year brought your first-ever trip to the finals. So when you strap on those pads this evening, take a moment to savor the huge expectations that are now thrust upon you. You will be venturing into new territory, and your exploits (be they good or bad) will be spoken of for years to come. You will not want to blow this extremely rare opportunity. If you do, you may never see it again!

For many of you, this game is merely a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Some will sign with a major university, while others will walk off the gridiron forever. You're young; you still have time to decide your future. Play badly, though, and that decision will pretty much be made for you.

Just know that when you take the field tonight, you will have the magic of the Superdome at your feet. It's a far cry from the rural, mosquito-infested backwater where you're used to playing; but if the the Dome doesn't instill in you a new appreciation for solid turf and indoor plumbing, then nothing will.

You will be sparked into action by a massive, Saints-size swarm of fans who will witness your every move. And your skill will no doubt guide you through the intense scrutiny that only tens of thousands of people you've never met can muster. And don't forget your fans back at home, who will catch the exciting game on local radio. Nor should you neglect the potential global audience who can catch the broadcast online. So remember: every time you take that three-point stance, everyone in the world is watching you. The last thing you want to do in that situation is choke! One wrong move, and your hopes for a championship are doomed like a chicken trapped in a hallway full of hungry AHS students.

Ultimately, what counts is that you go out there, have fun, play loose and leave it all on the field. Oh, and win the most coveted championship in Louisiana football. It's practically yours! If you lose grip of it, you'll only have yourselves to blame as you spend the next several decades in a downward personal spiral. A depression that not even rotgut, Billy Ray Cyrus or a lifetime supply of cowboy hats will soften. So if you know what's good for you, you won't lose, Billy Jo Bob Finkle!

So, yeah! Goooo Acadiana!! Break a leg!


Hillary For President said...

OGM Ian,

wwhat you bash is my spell but what do you do is make mistake to. I looked up the word "Geaux" in the dicshionary and what did I find? No entry.

Look like I am not the only won what make a spelling eror once in a wile.

Phillip said...

Where do you stream it online?

Hillary For President said...

where I stream online is

Becky said...

So... am I the only LHS alumni amused by this particular post?

Fantastic writing, Ian, as always.