Saturday, December 16, 2006

Because when Jeb Bush is your governor, death is a sweet, sweet blessing

Executions to be halted in Florida

Some jokes:

--The moratorium came after inmate Angel Diaz took 34 minutes to die due to a botched lethal injection. Apparently, it's just as hard to punch a vein in Florida as it is to punch a ballot.

--Diaz was in jail for the 1979 murder of a strip-club manager. Apparently, Diaz was mad that he couldn't last 34 minutes in the club.

--Gov. Bush has said that no more death warrants will be signed until March, once his investigative panel files its official report. Once the commission inevitably declares that lethal injection is just hunky-dory, Bush is expected to catch up on that stack of death warrants.

Okay, so that last one isn't much of a joke. But it is kind of funny to see a Bush scratch his head at the death penalty. It almost gives one a quiver of hope that all is not lost in that family. Most amusing, indeed!

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