Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thoughts I had on September 5th

--Blogger Beta is stupid. While it supposedly offers great new features, this so far has been my experience with it:

1) Certain blogs that I used to read (and even link) are now inaccessible unless the user deigns to invite me to visit it.

2) I tried to leave a comment at an open Beta blog, and only after I hit "Post" did it inform me that Blogger was unable to process my request. Great. Can you tell me why? Or at least offer a way to go back to my aborted (and lengthy) comment?

3) My blog is not yet fit as a candidate for Blogger Beta. I presume that means it's too good.

Blogger shouldn't cater to the clique crowd with Beta. If privacy is an issue with a blogger, then they shouldn't post personal concerns on a worldwide computer network. Let them start LiveJournals and MySpace pages, where they can clique together in obscurity. I've always seen Blogspot as the domain of bloggers who want to look professional and garner a wide readership. Then again, most blogs I see now focus deeply inward, whereas I'm projecting outward. Maybe they have a point.

--Moderated comments make for a dull discussion. While I can see the purpose of this function, the fact is that 99 percent of people who enable this don't need to. And it stifles real-time discourse.

--Wouldn't Ann Coulter, as a print journalist, know the difference between slander (spoken unfounded attacks) and libel (printed unfounded attacks)? Then again, a book called "Libel" doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? "Unfounded Attacks" would be better, albeit a little too true for her.

--For a self-professed homophobe, Michael Savage is awfully obsessed with San Francisco. Maybe it's because his real last name is Weiner.

--A recent counterprotest in San Francisco had College Republicans from Berkeley dress up as suicide bombers. This action was praised on their blog as "thoughtful" and "awesome." My question is this: how were they able to do this without much interference from security? At Bush functions, people with the wrong bumper stickers on their cars are kicked out; but at lefty functions, conservatives are allowed to dress up a suicide bombers! Kinda makes you wonder which side better supports free speech, huh?

--If any group makes Berkeley look bad, it's the College Republicans. I especially like how they act like they've been kidnapped and forced to go there, as if these chickenshits have any perspective of real conflict. "My name is Kyle Tibbitts and I am a 19-year-old conservative who has just been thrown into the ideological warzone that is the People’s Republic of Berkeley." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry, friend, but they don't give out Purple Hearts for veterans of the Culture War. You made your bedfellows, now lie to them.

After all, I wouldn't go to Bob Jones University or Liberty University. Actually, I would, but at least I'd understand my role there, relish it and not be too shocked when I was legally barred from the grounds on the second day of school.

--In my lifetime, I've accumulated lots of kudos and Brownie points. Any idea where I can cash them in? I want a hat.

--If Socrates were on trial today, Nancy Grace would air this story: "Should 'Thought Criminal' get the hemlock penalty or merely rot in jail for life?"


Anonymous said...

one good thing about blogger beta is no more of that stupid publishing clock thingy.

yournamehere said...

Yes, I feel so sorry for these leisure class Republicans who are "forced" to go to a good college.