Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Mexican fence to be made from remains of Berlin Wall

WASHINGTON (PIMP)--President George W. Bush announced Wednesday that the recently approved U.S./Mexico border fence will be built entirely with pieces from the former Berlin Wall.

Bush's announcement comes fresh off his approval of a bill to build a protective barrier along desolate stretches of the Mexican-American border. Congress has allocated $1.2 billion over the next year for the wall's construction, much of which has already been spent in pursuit of Berlin Wall remnants. Bush called this a justifiable expense, given the historical implications.

"The fall of the Berlin Wall, and the subsequent collapse of Communism as a world force, was a watershed moment for the free world," Bush read from a prepared speech. "It was a gripping reminder of humankind's yearning to be free, and a bold statement to the world that mere concrete and barbed wire cannot contain the human spirit.

"We hope that all Americans will be reminded of this truth when they see the massive new wall we're building to keep out Mexicans."

The wall will be built by a construction team comprising Halliburton; the Minutemen; the National Guards of Arizona, Texas and Louisiana; and one additional group referred to only as "hard-working laborers."

Bush said that pieces of the former Berlin Wall were obtained from the German government, as well as through private donations from American citizens who had purchased pieces of the wall as a collectible in the early 1990s. But despite a successful effort to amass most of the wall's remains, Bush admitted that problems still exist.

"For one thing, this isn't exactly top-notch construction material, because when Ronald Reagan demanded they 'tear down this wall,' they really did," he said. "Second, even the fully intact Berlin Wall was only 96 miles long, far shy of the 700 miles we were hoping to make our own fence. And frankly, we're worried that people will try to dance atop this wall just like they did in 1989. That's one show of freedom that needs limits.

"Still, we hope to integrate portions of the Berlin Wall into every section of our new border wall," Bush concluded. "With this undertaking, we hope to do the Germans one better."


oyster said...

Fortress Amerika uber alles!

Ja wohl!

Phillip said...

Phasen sehnen sich das motherland!!

Down with the brown!

Cajun Tiger said...

Nice try but your analogy falls way short of reality. Not allowing people to freely leave their own country is far diffent than not allowing people to ILLEGALLY enter a foreign country.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, CT, my original idea was to draw a cartoon comparing Reagan's call to "Tear down this wall!" with Bush wanting to build a wall. Because isn't spreading freedom about tearing down walls? How can Bush purport to do one abroad while doing the complete opposite here at home?

Anyway, West Germany and the GDR were different nations in the Berlin Wall years. Very different.

Cajun Tiger said...

You are completely missing the point. The people who wanted to move or visit people right on the other side of the Berlin Wall and would have been allowed to by those on the other side were not allowed by there OWN government. They were not wanting to ILLEGALLY enter another country. They were just wanting to LEGALLY visit friends and family, but THEIR government would not allow it. It was THEIR country who would not let them leave for fear they would not come back which is usually what happened when they did leave, so they built a wall to keep them IN THEIR COUNTRY.

In our case it is people who are trying to enter a foreign country ILLEGALLY and the wall is being built to keep people out of our country if they don't enter the LEGAL way.

Those are two completely different purposes and trying to equate them as the same is sad and completely dishonoring of those who suffered under the brutal regime that put up the Berlin Wall.

Their rights of freedom were completely stripped away. Those trying to cross our border ILLEGALLY are not being stripped of any rights b/c they have no right to enter our country ILLEGALLY.

Ian McGibboney said...

And you're clearly missing MY point, which is that U.S. presidents aren't supposed to advocate building giant fucking walls around the country.

This country was built on immigration, which is why both of us are even here. My ancestry wasn't exactly the most welcomed here in the early days, and I'm sure that today's laws would have kept my forebears out of here. Laws are not infallible, and I believe that illegals skirt the process more out of its red tape than of any malicious intent.

We could debate immigration all night. But the point is, the president of the United States is not supposed to advocate building a GIGANTIC WALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY! It would be mostly symbolic anyway, which is actually worse in a sense.

Anonymous said...

The President of the US is supposed to protect the united states.

My ancestors were not immigrants. They became apart of the US when Jefferson bought LA from France, so we already here legally.

And when your ancestors came, people weren't trying to sneak across the border to kill us.

If it is so "symbolic" why is the Mexican president threatening to go to the UN. Obviously he doesn't think it will just symbolic, but instead will actually work, thus causing his government to lose lots of free money.

Ian McGibboney said...

The wall is representative of all things Bushian: symbolic, alienating and somehow dangerous and ineffective all at once.

And I have yet to hear one valid claim about Mexican terrorists trying to kill us. Unless your argument is about actual terrorists coming in from there, in which case I'd have to ask why no such border is built around the rest of our country. Can't they come from anywhere?

Finally, CT, we're ALL immigrants. I'm sure the Native Americans resented our intrusion as much as modern-day whitey resents Mexicans coming in. At least Mexicans aren't intent on white genocide.

Anonymous said...

When you decide to come out of the past and look at the realities of today then let me know.

Ian McGibboney said...

I'm not the one stuck in the past, my friend.