Monday, October 16, 2006

Caption Central

Starring Saints head coach Sean Payton!

--Those naysayers are hard to hear these days...
--For the second week in a row, Payton expressed disappointment in the crowd noise...until he realized he was deaf from it being so loud!
--New Saints slogan: "Tinnitus leads to WIN-nitis!"
--"What was that song you used to sing, Mr. Ashcroft?"
--That Liberty Bell is hard to hear among 70,000 screaming Saints fans
--"I hear the grating sound of Rush Limbaugh underestimating Donovan McNabb"
--Payton subtly gestures the fate of any team who plays in the Superdome this year
--Cropped from this picture: Eagles fans covering their eyes and NFL pundits covering their mouths
--"Too legit! Too legit to quit!"
--New Orleanians finally have someone in power listening to them
--The difference between Sean Payton and George W. Bush is the angle of the fingers
--"Did you say 'San Antonio?' I can't hear you!"

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