Sunday, October 29, 2006

10 things the Saints did stupidly Sunday

1) Let the Ravens intimidate them from Play One

2) Fumbled the ball right after recovering it

3) Drew Brees' first interception

4) Drew Brees' second interception

5) Drew Brees' avoidance of a safety by throwing an interception for a touchdown

6) Letting Reggie Bush throw an interception in the end zone

7) Letting Reggie Bush play long enough to nearly break his ankle

8) Letting Reggie Bush touch the ball at all

9) Not figuring out fast enough that the Ravens defense and New Orleans bloggers share a common scheme: "Stop Bush"

10) Lost at home

And for balance:

10 things the Saints did right yesterday

1) Brought back the Beer Man, Michael Lewis

2) Threw for 386 yards to top the NFL in passing this week

3) Shook it up with receivers even I'd never seen

4) Took a chance on 4th and 10...or at all

5) With Marques Colston, reminded the NFL community why a draft lasts longer than one round

6) Held the Ravens to a shutout in the 4th quarter

7) Scored 15 unanswered points in the 4th quarter

8) That last-minute two-point conversion

9) Gracefully returned a lost Maryland driver's license to the referee to whom it belonged

10) Gave the fans a sense that at least they might learn from this loss, which in seasons past wasn't a given

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