Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lafayette spawns another blog!

Lafayette's coolest weekly newspaper, The Independent, now has a full-on blog, Da Bog. The alternative weekly contains some of the best local journalistic talent, including gonzo cartoonist and fellow blogger Greg Peters. Any new blogging from Lafayette is progress, and Da Bog has good breeding behind it, as a stuffy aristocrat might say.

Not that he needs one, but editor Scott Jordan offers this reason for the blog's launch:

In today’s 24-7 news environment, the nine days between our Monday press deadline and the Wednesday street delivery of the following week’s issue have sometimes felt like an eternity for our editorial staff.

I, too, know the peril of the nine-day deadline. Most of my Vermilion columns had the same lead time. More than once I had to completely rewrite them, such as when they caught the Beltway Sniper just in time to make my column about him totally irrelevant. Just one day after the 2004 election, I had to run a generic pet-peeve column, because I could say nothing about politics that wouldn't be grossly outdated by then. Nine-day deadlines, however unavoidable, SUCK. I learned long ago that blogging corrects that problem quite nicely.

For that and so many other reasons, I eagerly add Da Bog to my list of daily online haunts. If the give-and-take at their blog is half (twice?) as productive as it is at mine, then local media-watchers are in for a real treat. All newspapers should join this trend, so I can finally retire on my fat Blogger pension, spend my days playing shuffleboard with Nick and pine for the good old days. Just like I do now!


Nick said...

I play shuffle board? Actually, I wouldn't mind taking a nice, relaxing cruise where all I have to do is play shuffle board, darts, and get drunk for a week. However, with a pregnant wife and house building plans, that ain't happining any time soon.

I will have to check out that IND blog, though calling it the coolest weekly newspaper in Lafayette isn't saying much. Maybe if they would have more local and state news, even sports news, and less interior design and fashion articles, I might actually do more than read the headlines and look at Greg's cartoons.

Ian McGibboney said...

Nick, I can totally see you playing shuffleboard and being a grumpy old man! Hell, you're already setting the foundation for grandchildren to ask about.

I like that they invite honest criticism of media--of both themselves and more deserving papers. That, to me, is the real hook.

Nick said...

You think there's a way for the Ind. to allow people who are not part of their paper staff to be contributers for their blog? For, you?

Yes, I will whore to have my name and views published in more places. I've got to get my name out some way if I am ever going to run for the state legislature.

Ian McGibboney said...

I don't know. I don't think it's necessary, because we already have blogs, and they're the ones who represent the voice of The Ind. I'm fine just commenting there.

Nick, if you'd like me to cook up a clever negative campaign for you, I could ensure we both win--me for creativity and you because no one ever listens to me.

Nick said...

Nah..I'll pass on that offer. I'm sure I'm going to catch enough crap and resistance from most of the state politicians, Repub. and Dem. both, who would rather keep the current political climate of the last 60 years than change for the better of the state.

But hey, you could always tell everyone:

Vote for Nick. I don't agree with his politics, but almost anything has got to be better than the current state politicians. I can promise one thing, I will never vote myself a pay raise, you can hold me to that if I ever get in.