Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bush for President!


GumboFilé said...

Now that's a Bush I could vote for.

Phillip said...

When Bush runs there's no stopping him. Who am I to throw my vote away?

Hillary For President said...


what way you make fun of BUSH is sooo rite on. I meen, look, Mislam's come out today and say what we are is doom.

As soon as Bush except the fact that what we are is dhimmi's and what they are is Mislams. If we want to live it is simple we convert or what we do is pay are head tax. Why is so hard for Bush?

Pay the head tax Bush. We are dhimmis they are Mislams.

OGM. IT soo simple.

I am shure hillary clinton wood under stand.

Ian McGibboney said...

HFP, you're an idiot. Go away.

Pondering American said...

LOL LOve it