Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A bit of passive-aggressive marketing

For the past few days, I've been compiling what I think are the best essays, satirical articles, words of wisdom and other content from Not Right and putting them into a booklet. I was doing this mainly for myself, because I have a neurotic need to amass all of my writing into print form. I'm good at it, too; you should see my workspace! I'm very much like that severely OCD guy ABC profiled several years ago who couldn't throw away newspapers, and would shriek when someone else tried to do it for him. But I digress.

After a couple of days of hammering away at this act of self-indulgence, I now have more than 70 pages of material...and that's for 2006 alone, with almost four full months left to go. That's leaving out the short notes, direct rebuttals to other work, Caption Centrals, photographs, most graphics and all of the cartoons. Moreover, I left out a lot of the lesser-refined and/or more pointless rants. And still, it's 70-plus pages! Apparently I'm a prolific bastard; I don't think I change my socks as much as I write, and I'm a very hygienic person.

Surprisingly, the text fits a lot better on paper than you'd expect from blog output. It basically reads the same as any compilation written by a columnist. When all is said and done, I'm looking at a minimum of 100 pages if I stick only to 2006 (which I probably won't do). I'm also working on a cool cover and some bonus material.

If all goes well, I hope to have the Not Right book next to my toilet by year's end. If you have a toilet, you might want to consider the same thing.


Hillary For President said...


What I am not shure is can I afford you're book. The BUSH times half been rough on my bank account. But happy to reed it is what I would be. Tell ya waht, If you send me advance copy in PDF formate, what I will do is reed and offer my scolorly commnets so that you can improve you're riting.

oyster said...

That dude's annoying.

Keep the P.I.M.P.-ing press going, Ian! I hope every bathroom in the country one day has a dead-tree copy of Not Right.

(For whatever reason, I like print, also, btw.)

Nick said...

Congrats on getting the work compilation together, and thanks for the offer. However, Louisiana Sportsman, Landman, and Football Digest seem to work well for me. Sometimes a Times of Acadiana or Independent can work too, though both are probably better used for finishing up your toiletry duties.