Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I said it first

--Politics is like a circus; there are lots of elephants and donkeys under the big tent, performing large-scale illusions. And the wage slaves shovel the shit once the show is over.

--I've never met anyone named Betty. Have you?

--It's not really MySpace; it's FoxSpace. And Rupert Murdoch is definitely not your friend.

--If a Gmail employee shot up their workplace, would that be considered "going postal?"

--A local blog with a single post was recently updated after two years. That was nice. I love comebacks.

--The more people say they speak for others, the more they don't.

--Do you suppose Jerry Garcia's grateful now that he's dead?

--Whenever an actor who appeared in a period film or series dies, I like to assume their character died at the same age. It brings much-needed closure to my world of fiction.

--If a picture's worth a thousand words, then why are preschool books so insipid?

--People often say that everything happens for a reason. But they never tell you why.

--Blogger is now moving to a Beta version. Personally, I prefer DVD.

--Thorny First Amendment issue: is it illegal to shout out a request for "Fire" at a crowded Pointer Sisters concert?

--Ronald Reagan was the third-best president of the 1980s.

--Is it possible for a Christian band to go to Hell for making bad music?

--I really hope there's an afterlife. I've got a score to settle with Martin Van Buren.

--Eve was framed. I've had the same thought about the tree.

--When Kate Moss acts upon instinct, is she said to be going with her gut?

--The heartland is much like an actual heart; it pumps all the good blood to outlying areas.


Jester said...

wage slaves...

Funny. My brother used to say that back when he too was continually unemployed and blaming Bush for his misery. After he grew up and actually got himself a job he stopped using that phrase, especially on payday :-)

Dangle 24-7 said...

Off the subject but of great importance…..Clayton James Cubitt http://operationeden.blogspot.com/2006/08/katrina-every-day.html will be here over the next week making portraits of survivors for use in public service announcements highlighting the need to reach out for help when it all gets to be too much. Anyone who would like to participate, contact: travelingmermaid@gmail.com

Ian McGibboney said...

For someone who talks so much about the importance of growing up, Jester, you show very little maturity yourself. Grow up.

Hillary For President said...

your so funny. I like the way what you make fun of wing nuts and NEOCONS like that. It just put them in they're plaits. Show who boss and your relly good at it two. Very improtant show that kind off peepole this are what dont want talk ideas only make fun people like Hillary Clinton.

Jester said...

Poor baby Ian. Need a tissue?