Friday, August 25, 2006

Fun with dumb!

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The College Republicans I ran at my university had at least 200 members alone! And that's 10% of the entire student body so we definitely were spreading the message!

Fuzzy math, Jack! If your party got 10 percent of the black vote, that would be spreading the message!

Yay! Anyone who does not support this country and it's beliefs can move...their's other countries that aren't as lucky as we are to live in the land of the free! I think Bush is awesome and I loved seeing him in one of his rallies last year before the elections. He's such a real person and is highly qualified to lead this country!

Bush really speak's to someone like me, because their's no better man to re-present this country. We are the best country in the nation and if you don't live hear then you are missing out on hour excellent school's! If you don't agree, then you should just go to some other country like California!

i think that we represent the fire in the heart of America today, to not be swayed in morals or freedom by shows of violence by tryannical leaders.

I had a fire in my heart once. But I took some Pepto Bismol and knocked that sucker out.

But seriously, I understand what you mean by not being swayed into freedom. Thank God we have a man in the White House who'll never sway us in either freedom or morals!

For me being Hispanic, I get alot of negativity from other family members and mainly the people in the MECHA club on campus for being a Republican. They all seem to think that if you are Latino, then you should vote as a liberal. I'm sorry, but I do not see myself that way.

Instead, I see myself as the Clarence Thomas of Latinos. I know my place, and my place is with the party that thinks I'm a burden and that I should leave. Can't understand why that upsets my family...

yup im sectary in eastend young republican club of long island since there are very few young reb. there are only 11 memebers and hopefullly more next year!!!!

butt with my troshas speeling, I should attrakt plenty moore...of coarse, 11 is plenty now cuz I cain't count pass 10 to bigen with...but im a sectary, so i all I haf ta do is right good!

I can't wait for college in a few years. First club I'm gonna join is a Republican one. Then I'm gonna devote hours to BLASTING the pinko-commies right back to Roger Baldwin.

In the meantime, I'm gonna start high school, where I can get in my weapons training and actively enjoy doing everything my parents tell me, like all good Republicans! I wonder if the Young Republicans make you buy your own rifle or if they give you one.

Hell ya man. Same for me. First thing im doing is joining the Berkeley College Republicans - which is a hardcore group. Blasting pinko-commies is about the funnest thing to do.

Because nothing screams "Dedicated Republican" than a lifetime of saying, "I went to Berkeley!"

It's a good time to be a conservative in America!

The problem is being anything else...

not just mtv, rolling stone too.i had the misfortune of picking one of those up once. every other sentence is anti-bush.Its ruining the minds of the kids of America. (from a guy named "I rev up on old people!!!")

It had all these "words," and there were little white spaces between each one! What the hell?!! You know, it's people who can read who are plunging this once-great nation down the tubes.

Liberals are actually the minority. You just hear more about them because they always have something to say! There's a radio talk show host here named Rush Limba (I don't think I spelled his last name right) and I heard him say that once... about Liberals being the minority... WE JUST NEED TO SPEAK UP!

And if there's any better argument for right-wingers to speak up, it's Captain Quick over here...

Word! We need to quit being the silent majority becaue the longer we do, the more level-headed people we lose to the liberal, false propoganda machine. We must have a stronger voice!

That's one deafening 'silent majority'...

Amen to that! And watch me turn my co-students around!

Yeah, and watch them turn right back around after you tell them they're going to Hell!


Those who talk about it the most, do it the least...

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