Sunday, August 13, 2006

Caption Central

"Tasshole" edition

--Introducing our off-keynote speaker...
--Bush gets another degree of detachment from reality
--"Yo, beer man! Sorry, just a reflex from college"
--Bush shows us in what year his ideas are stuck
--"College is important. Especially the Electoral College."
--"It took me this many votes to be president!"
--Events like this almost make "No Child Left Behind" look good
--Has this man ever earned a degree?
--Worst. Gospel Choir. Ever.
--Bush shows the graduates how many will find jobs in their field
--"We have something in common. I coasted through college too!"
--Bush dresses like the GOP will look in November
--"Raise your hand if you made all C's!"
--"I'm gonna take a cue from my pal Mike Brown and roll up my sleeves."
--"These gowns are very much like the Wal-Mart vests you'll all be wearing soon."
--"I may not be a doctor, but I am your master!"
--As for the Louisiana Gulf Coast? Still waiting...


Abz said...

-"I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; look, I even show my right hand (Is this one the right one? Woopi! ) to prove it."
Hello hombre! Since 2004, a graduate school was established to deliver a two-year Master’s degree in journalism in the French school of political science, aka "Sciences-Po Paris". It has set up partnerships with the Medill School of Journalism (Chicago) and the Graduate School of Journalism of Columbia (New York? ). I would have liked to know what you, as a journalist, think about those two American schools?

oyster said...

"Too many [honorary PhD's] aren't able to practice their love with women all across this country."

Zihuatanejo said...

You have a great website and it is great for the community. You should join the disscusions here as well:

New Orleans community blog

Please join in the discussions there and link people back to your blog. There are already a lot of people participating daily. It is a great place to poll the communitie and see how people realy feel about the issues. This should serve to strengthen the new orleans community and NO online commlunity as a whole.

My belief is that to get real transparency in our government and in our planning process we need to get the young folks involved and up to speed on the new paradigms. Teaching only civics in school and not smart growth and new urbanism concepts is like teaching our kids to count to ten without teaching them arithmetic, algebra and calculus and then expecting them to make it in this world.

Help us get those concepts out there! Create an account on live journal and help build a community, an educated community.


Jester said...

--"My early Halloween idea this year is to be a pompous, self-centered, unemployed, overeducated communist-wannabe liberal idiot! The Che shirt I'm wearing underneath this more than makes up for the fact that I'm not up in an ivory tower right now looking down my nose at all of the poor unwashed conservative peasants."

Ian McGibboney said...

That should be easy for you, Jester. Cost-effective, too. All you need is a rubber band and a mirror.

Oh, right, except for the part about the Che shirt. And the overeducation.

Jester said...

True, and happily so. Bush and I are both truly blessed with the fact that we're not anything like you.

Ian McGibboney said...

You're right, Jess...I am truly blessed to not be anything like you.

Well said.

Jester said...

Rather than continue this argument, I'll just go here:

It'll save us both the time and effort of having you reply.

Ian McGibboney said...

Yeah, Jess, you do that, if it helps reinforces your prejudices. Personally, I don't have the time or the energy to debate artificial (lack of) intelligence.

As much as you seem exasperated from the effort, I appreciate you coming around several times a day for the past two weeks. My blog has shot up 12,000 places on Technorati's list in that time.

Jester said...

The pleasure's all mine.

BTW, do you actually get paid for running this blog?

Ian McGibboney said...

Yes, Jester. I get paid by the comment. You're my bread and butter, kiddo :)

Jester said...

Now I know why you love me :-*