Sunday, July 16, 2006

Caption central

"Bang bang!" edition

[Sorry. I had to image-cheat on this one, and they took it down. Figures. I'll find it eventually. In the meantime, maybe you can read the captions and take a trip to the wonderful nation of Imagination!]

--Worst. Robber. Ever.
--Bush unveils his new version of the peace sign
--Or is it his new foreign policy?
--The emperor has no walkie-talkie
--Bush points to the head with the higher IQ
--"We are now thisclose to total world hatred"
--"Well, this is above-average length for the GOP"
--"You want ME, Uncle Sam? Ha ha ha!!"
--"What do you mean, there's blood on my tie?"
--Like his chair, Bush is stuck in the fifties
--Hard to tell where Bush ends and Pat Robertson begins
--Bush points to the only person he never blames for anything
--Even when Bush points fingers, he's two-faced
--When Gary Busey finally lets go
--"Who's the biggest goddamn moron in the world?"


Hillary For President said...

Wow. That post was GRATE. E speically the one about emperor has no walkie talkie. I just post a star wars reference myself in my post titled Sacre Bleu . So I am glad we agree that Bush and Israel are like the Empire and Hazbowlallah is like Luke Skywalker.

oyster said...

I agree it was Gr8-- but that's typical for Ian's fotocaptions. He's got a talent for it.

Hillary4prez: I like the ... erm... eclectic mix of music favorites listed in your profile.

Ian McGibboney said...

HFP--Um, that wasn't a Star Wars reference, but rather a reference to "The Emperor Has No Clothes." Also, I'm not a fan of either side in the current Israeli-Hezbollah murder-thon.

Oyster, thanks as always! I hope Rising Tide plans are going well. Sorry about the whole being-across-the-country thing; but if there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

The leftist southpaw said...

"Go ahead...Make my day!"

thehim said...

Can I let the statue answer that one?

Boss Tweed said...

HFP is clearly someone writing satire -- a living strawman, if you will. Check out the ridiculous stereotype portrayed on that website. It's as if all the things feverishly imagined by Rush Limbaugh about liberals came to life as some sort of political Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man [Yes, I had to throw in a Ghostbusters reference].

Ian McGibboney said...

Boss, I agree totally. HFP's profile is a caricature of every ridiculous stereotype about liberals ever dreamt up by wingnuts.

I suspect Ann Coulter.

Hillary For President said...

If I get ahold of that Ann Coulter, give her a peece off my mind is what I will do. That lady just make my blood BOIL!!! I meen, how much off a NEOCON can you be. Freedom off speech should be reserved for librails. Like Ann Coulter only use for evil. In JALE is where she would be wit Hillary for President, i thing.