Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Call for Louisiana licenses

I'm looking to amass an image collection of two things that I have yet to find in any compilation: Louisiana driver's licenses and inspection stickers.

This is often a futile endeavor, given that people aren't generally keen on offering up personal IDs or saving inspection stickers. At times even I've asked, "Who would care?" But judging from the rather high count of images I've found online of both items from other states, people do care. And I'm glad, because these items have been a pursuit of mine for decades.

I am an aficionado of anything relating to Louisiana automobiles. I've been collecting license plates since I was about five years old; to this day I can tell you just about anything about a Louisiana license plate on sight, including its year and month of issue and location. As a kid I was also drawn to Louisiana's colorful inspection stickers. I rediscovered that sense of awe about a year ago when I saw a car in a parking lot that still had a 1976 inspection sticker (and was still being driven!). I was one of those annoying kids who always dug in people's wallets and glove compartments. And unlike most people, I actually relish going to the DMV.

Currently, I have (or have seen online) LA driver's licenses from 1966, 1977, 1979, 1986, 1990, 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2003. I'm looking to see designs I've never seen before, so my wish list comprises the following eras:

--1946-65 (Prior to 1946, Louisiana issued driver's licenses only to truck drivers, chauffeurs and other motor professionals; those would also be cool to see)

--1967-1977 (I used to have two licenses I think were from 1972 and 1974; I accidentally threw them away, and now I hate myself for it)

--1980-1985 (also, I'd like to know at what point between 1986 and 1987 that Louisiana switched from the world's blandest design to the world's blandest design with a lipstick "Louisiana" across the top)

As for inspection stickers, I know they go back to at least 1964. I'm most interested in images from 1976-1988, though any year before 1993 will suffice (they've hardly changed since then).

I'd appreciate any help or referrals anyone could give me in this effort. If you have a scan of one of these items, please send it my way (ianmcgibboney at gmail). You can black out any information you choose; the idea here is to see the design, not to collect private information about people. Also note that this is just a matter of personal curiosity; I'm not secretly out to publish a book or database (unless there turns out to be a call for it). Such collections have surfaced for other states but I have yet to see anyone chronicle Louisiana. Sounds like something worthwhile.


Hillary For President said...

I half a coupla comment's.

ONE - I did not no what you half car's in Louisana.

B - Even since their appear to be car's, I am surprise that a license is require in Louisiana. Myabe you should say it "discrimination" becaue I am shure the test is harder for people of African dissent or Cajuns who mite not speek the queen's english.

Third - Is the test written in Cajun? If note, they shood do so. Can you rite to the president of you're state?

Next, I am a little discust with you today. People our starving, dying rite now. I mean condition's are basically same as two days after Kathrine and you talk about THIS? WHy not try to help people instead you add this extra burden!! I meen, they are spending most of they're time looking for beer, and you complain about not halfing enough driver's licenses. Aren't their more improtant thinks right now?

Ian McGibboney said...

HFP, please stop commenting on my site. You are unfunny and offensive and add nothing of value.

Nick said...

I know Cherie tends to keep all her old ID's and DL's. Maybe she'll donate. You can have mine on 8/21/2008. Do you collect old LA vehicle insurance cards? Traffic tickets?

By they way, who's Hillary's new PR agent that frequents your site?

oyster said...

Jeebus, Ian! Why didn't you come to N.O. in December with a razor blade and a screwdriver? There were about 20,000 abandoned cars, many with inspection stickers that were WAY outta date...

Anyway, seems like a weird hobby, but I'll keep my eye out for the stuff you're looking for.

Hillary For President said...


Half a GRATE blog you do. Even if I am not allow comment, I am going too keep comeing back. You our one off my sourses off insparation.

also, my life partner things you are cute.


Hillary for President!!!!!!!