Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Vote Hillary in '06!

Today I'd liek two point you to a knew blag: Hillary for President!

Never in all my too years of bloging have Eye seen such a loocid and awesome sight. In fact, this blog could very well be the offecal arm of the Dee-N-Cee itself! Check it out to read Hillary's platforum, how she would de-feet the NEOCON'S in the Whitte House and how much better the cuntry wood be if we elected Hillary to run the Erth.

The blog is updayed dayly, or sumtimes wekkly if no Hillary things are happyning. It's arthur reglarly rights to Hillary so its like an n-side connecticution. Indeed, the arthur has to remane nonnamus cuz their obviously a high persin in the Hillary ontourage. That last word was Franch, for those of you who prefer that talk to the Freedom langwitch. Eatch post has a link to read it in french, since progresses like to speek that tong.

HFP has urned high prays among bloogers, witch can be scene on it's sidebore. Each commeant cums with a link so you can sea the full quota. You can even voat in a pole to pick Hillary's vise precedent! The name's are spelt good enuff. The righter of HFP prefers Bill to bee V-Pee.

As left-T's, itss very importunt that we visit this blog everyday and elect Hillary For President. She will make sure that we in the Librul Party are free to do Dimocrack things liek smoke poot, worship Muslam, raze taxis, give well fare to Michael More and make French the national language like we all want.

So go two Hillary For President RITE NOW and let's awl tipe commas to xpress our solitarity!


Hillary For President said...


Thank for that you say about my blog. I think you have a nice little sight to. Not shure why you think you our not right about things though. Most time you seem confidence. You mite want too change you're blog title.

but anyway.

I thinking about post a reader review for you but you make some spell mistake and hard to get you're message. If you edit you're posts, I will post a readers review on my sight.


Hillary for President

Ian McGibboney said...

Thanks, Hill. Eye do admet that I spell badlee sometims. But whut's importunt is what I hafta say, write? So refrain from commnet on minor mistakes , the kind that do'ont take away from message.

As for my blag name, it cums from a time win I really WAS not write about enything. But that was befour I found yore blog. Now I'm thinking of changing my name to "Hillary pour la présidence." Beecuz "Hillary for President" is alredee takin and I speek French cuz I'm a Demmycrat.

BeerMan said...




Ian McGibboney said...

I'm not the stupid one, my alcohol-purveying friend. Read it again.

BeerMan said...

give me a break
This guy, This guy, and This guy are all at approximately the same intelligence level. And they each say about the same things about politics.