Thursday, June 29, 2006

Louisiana country nudity

Ho / Reuters (That's not nice, Reuters!)

I don't really have anything to say about Britney Spears; her new (ahem) tribute cover; her recent embarrassing comments about being "country;" her old embarrassing comments about just trusting the president; her babymaking prowess; her apparent hatred for child-safety seats; how she suddenly looks good again; how she never appears on actual album covers anymore; or K-Fed. But she's a public figure and the current darling of Louisiana, so covering Britney is virtually required of me as a blogger. So, there you go!

Honestly, I'm just trying to fulfill a post quota here.


Nick said...

I think you do our state a disservice by saying Spears is the darling of Louisiana. She's hardly anything more than a white trash hick from Kentwood whom no one in this state with half a brain and/or a real job really gives a damn about.

oyster said...

I think she's amazing.

Pawpaw said...

Britney who? Oh, you mean that trollop from Kentwood.

Question: Does Britney dress like a slut, or do sluts dress like Britney? It's a quandry.

Anonymous said...

at least you ain't from Kentwood. That's not how we are.

yournamehere said...

Britney is a train wreck.