Sunday, June 11, 2006

Caption Central

"Keep him lying" edition

(Above: the official poster of the VWRP Web ring)

--Bush fit in perfectly among the Zeros
--So he really does have his head in the clouds!
--Add a little snow, and this could be a snapshot of Bush in 1972
--Does one really need a helmet when there's nothing to protect?
--Are losers the target audience here?
--Um...planes can't fly with only one wing
--Bush sure goes to extremes to avoid military funerals
--Houston air just keeps getting cruddier
--This is the part of the dream where Laura wakes him up
--Just another humble servant of the people
--It's the ho in the ozone layer!
--The closest Bush ever got to air combat
--Funny...I thought the "Victory" was in 2003?
--Speaking of losers...
--Here's Bush, walking all over the people
--It's the Jolly Anti-Green Giant!
--I can't figure out if this is truly a GOP creation or a parody
--So the Republicans have declared war on America, then?
--"Fe Fi Fo Fum! Where the hell are the weapons of mass destruction?"

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Speechie said...

The THAT's how he hid from the draft.