Monday, June 05, 2006

Caption Central

"Nero of the Peace" edition

--An Iraqi taunts Bush by surrounding him with his greatest fears: protest signs, homosexual kissing, peace and words
--"I want YOU for U.S. Army. Oh shit, never mind! Well, I'm sure there's some army where you live."
--Here's Abdul, taking the phrase "kiss our ass" too literally
--"No, no, Georgie...I want YOU!"
--A grateful Iraqi citizen celebrates the end of mandatory leader worship
--"Psst, Bush...just because your ideas are stuck in 1955 doesn't mean you have to wait by the clock tower!"
--From "Holy Roman Empire" to "Hero of the Peace," Eurasia enters its fifth century of unparalleled sarcasm
--Al-Jazeera's version of Entertainment Tonight was really disappointing
--Wanna bet that the Arabic writing doesn't really say, "Hero of the peace?"
--This is as close to Bush's ear as an Iraqi is likely to get
--BLONDE JOKE: Bush stops in for a refill
--Quite the pair...a turtleneck and a neckhead
--The head recruiter for al-Qaida thanks Bush for another great year
--"Ah, Mr. Bush...I show you 'man-date!'"
--Something clearly is lost in translation here
--An Iraqi provokes Americans by showing affection rather than by making war
--That's kind of a screwy definition of peace, don't you think?
--"Dammit! You told me I was kissing a PIG!"
--How it all started: "Saddam has helpings of hash dish rations. Pass it on!"


Speechie said...

"We purposely had him cover the Z so we could say 'hero' instead of 'zero'."

Cajun Tiger said...

FYI...the Arabic translation is accurate...Hero of the Peace!