Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The ancient art of Tae Po

From the May 31 Times of Acadiana:

Secular culture links 666 to the antichrist. The number is pivotal to the plot of the 1976 horror classic The Omen in which an American diplomat discovers his son, Damien, is the antichrist. A remake of the film starring Julia Styles is due out on June 6.

Secular culture, eh? Help me out, Merriam-Webster:

sec·u·lar (adjective)
: of or relating to the worldly or temporal
: not overtly or specifically religious
: not ecclesiastical or clerical

So it's the non-religious who raise a big fuss over the antichrist? Something seems, well, not right about that! I surely don't remember that ever coming up at the Let's Plunge America into Total Moral Decay Society. And I faithlessly attend every meeting!

In any case, the word they're probably looking for is "sectarian." Which isn't quite correct either, though it does serve the purpose of not being the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what the writer is trying to convey.

Also, they got Julia Stiles' name wrong.

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Speechie said...

First of all, I absolutely love the title. Hahahahaha. That really got my morning off to a good start.

As I am an uber-fan of Julia, my stopped for a tick when my my eyes slid across the atrocious misspelling of her name.

Of course, the writer in me seethed at the misappropriation of letters (and also words...yeesh) because I distinctly remember hearing the Manager of the paper I worked at scream and cry as he did his little angry dance in the corner every week when the paper came out and names were spelled wrong and religious/non-religious words were incorrectly used (we did live in a religious police-state, after all).

What I don't understand is why Managing Editors allow things like that to happen repeatedly. They could be out there hiring quality reporters, columnists and editors *nunk widge* but instead they continue to make asses of themselves.