Thursday, April 13, 2006


Rarely do I blatantly re-run old material; but because Easter weekend is all about resurrection, I point you today towards my Good Friday post from last year. Here are a few choice lines to get you in the mood:

"In front of me were four or five very pretty young women, all in a bunch."

"Some or all of them were just getting off..."

"I'm guessing that the girls were strippers."

"With mere minutes to spare, the ladies left and I got up..."

"I smiled and handed over my debit card..."

"I have to recommend stepping out to these places in the thick of the night."

Go know you want to!

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T-Mac said...

Hahahaaa...a few months back I was coming home from a speech tourament in northern Washington (I live 30 miles west of Portland) and drove past a familiar "adult shop" on the way at about 3:45 on a Monday morning...and the parking lot was PACKED. I didn't stop by, but I'm guessing I would have had a similar story to tell if I had. :-)