Friday, April 07, 2006

Out Plame, Flame Out

Fresh off recent scandals concerning Tom DeLay and Scooter Libby, sources are saying that George W. Bush authorized the Valerie Plame CIA outing.

Do I believe the news? Well, I wasn't so sure at first. But then I saw the following statements printed in one of my weekly reads, and figured that maybe a major karmic turnaround in politics is afoot:

The United States faces an energy crisis. We are dependent on foreign oil, and we suffer spiraling gasoline prices at the pump. We need an alternative to the status quo.

Closer to home, studies have surfaced that predict Louisiana’s coastline will be under water by 2100 due to global warming raising the ocean levels. Therefore, we face the real possibility of being able to significantly diminish the threat of global warming.

Furthermore, we should support the ethanol alternative out of duty to the nation and for future generations. Sure, the infrastructure will have to be in place. But progress is by nature forward-looking.

The United States needs to be, pardon the expression, progressive. We need a comprehensive approach to the energy crisis, and ethanol is just one pathway. Solar energy has always been a fascinating possibility. Windmills and dams have been around for a long time. We could try all energy alternatives or pick and choose. Most importantly, we must plan for the future.

Wow! That John Hinson is really changing his tune! Is Hell freezing over, or is the conservative stranglehold on this country finally beginning to unravel?

I hope it's the latter. But just in case, I'm stocking up on coats.


Michael said...

You sure you don't mean you hope it's the latter, Ian? Can't imagine how Hell freezing over would be good for you, or why you'd need coats if we're going to be globally warming ourselves into oblivion.

Speechie said...

If Hinson actually wrote that...which I almost doubt considering the sincerity, grammatical structure, and voice...then you're going to need assistance in picking out those coats because Hell will indeed freeze over. I suggest down coats and not opening the door (like they do during winters in Chicago). If Hinson is correct, I recommend central air and not going outside. If in fact Hinson is both sincere AND correct...then we can all just move to the border line between Here and Hell. It would be nice there.

I do, however, agree with what you said to me earlier. It was probably just an assignment.