Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Orleans goes for Bush

The analysts said that Katrina successfully scuttled the Democratic voting bloc in New Orleans. Still, I didn't think we'd see the effects this fast.

New Orleans went for Bush the very first chance they got. I guess that's what happens when a white guy from Texas comes in and takes over.

Curiously, Houston (which has first choice of everything these days) decided not to go with Bush. Maybe they're still reeling from the Enron scandal.

Analysts are saying that New Orleans has done a heckuva job in going with Bush. They cite his ability to reform with results, his emphasis on offensive strikes as opposed to mere defense and his favorable comparisons to others who have filled his shoes.

Experts also cite his coolness under pressure, his rapport with his constituents and his ability to go the distance in all that he does. Indeed, Bush is so popular that he has to travel with an army of security for protection.

For his part, Bush said that he is happy to be in New Orleans and hopes to start getting things done there. "I'm looking forward to being active in the community here," Bush said. "I think I can be a big help [to] the city, bring some smiles and some happiness back to the city, let them know everything will be okay and to do whatever I can."

Long-term results are yet to be seen. However, it's no question that New Orleans has already changed from the way it was last year.


T-Mac said...


Speechie said...

Ya nearly had me there for a second. I was sitting here typing a response to you, scratching my head wondering what could have possibly happened to the citizens of New Orleans that made them go Pro-Bush...and then I clicked on the link. So so funny, Ian. Bet you're lovin' sittin' there and having a good laugh about tricking me.

Courtney said...

Phew! I was wondering WHAT New Orleans you were talking about! Scared the heck outta me. Yeah, I like this Bush! Go Saints!

Cajun Tiger said...

Here's hoping the pun becomes reality next election!!!

Nick said...

Actually, here's hoping the pun does NOT become reality the next election. I don't want Jeb Bush. Now, G.W.'s daughters up on a podieum would be nice to look at.

I'm hoping for Colin Powell/Judge Roy Moore ticket. Not likely, at all, though.

Ian McGibboney said...

I'm hoping for a Powell-Moore ticket too. Because I want the Democrats to win.