Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Emma great shun

Big immigration debate, same old belabored points. Here are some new belabored points:

--Visitors and immigrants to America should all be adequately processed. Increased enforcement of this would allow more legal immigration while upholding the Emma Lazarus ideal of, "bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free..." One suggestion is to hire those Minutemen, who apparently have nothing better to do, for processing. Provided they can read, of course.

--Immigration law should be examined and scrutinized by both lawmakers and the public. Most of the anti-immigrant drivel I've read runs along the lines of, "you're either legal or you aren't. If you come into this country illegally, you deserve to be [odd punishment here]!" But how many of them, and us, understand the actual language of the law? Is the law itself fair? I suspect that most people want to do right for themselves, and resort to tricks only when the deck is extremely stacked against them. And being that I'm enormously skeptical of many laws in the first place, I support careful crafting of the law so that it makes more sense to follow it than to not follow it. Law is not irrevocable gospel; if something is unnecessarily screwy, change it.

--Withdrawing our troops from Iraq and putting them on the Mexican border is the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard. Also, it's illegal under posse comitatus.

--You may wish you were in Tijuana, eating barbecued iguana; but chances are, the people there don't. Why do they want to move here? Perhaps an examination into domestic life in Mexico could help figure out an answer.

--I think it should be illegal for any politician to denounce immigration if they support outsourcing of jobs. After all, if they support the exportation of jobs so that corporate employers can pay only pennies per day to foreign workers, then they have no right to denounce immigrants for coming in and taking what's left. This goes double if the politician or his family employs one of these migrants for a pithy wage.

--If the Mexicans can find jobs here, more power to them. I sure as hell can't.

--Many conservatives cite resource strain and lack of room as a reason that immigrants shouldn't be allowed within our borders. Then they go back to ranting about the evils of birth control and abortion within America. In other words, space is never an issue when it's filled by a future Christian-American patriot.

--After my experience driving through west Texas, I frankly wouldn't mind of we put some people along that desolate stretch of road so maybe, just maybe, there'll be ONE DAMN GAS STATION WITHIN 200 MILES THAT DOESN'T CLOSE AT 8 P.M.! That's somewhat inconvenient when driving through there late at night. I don't know who decided that miles upon miles of barren terrain is preferable to actually having people live and work on it.

--I say, let illegal immigrants have driver's licenses. Because as long as they're going to be here and drive anyway, then they might as well have to suffer through the same long lines as the rest of us.

--Let's face it: while some anti-immigration policy is based on the very sound issue of preventing terrorism, most of it is based on simple racism. How many people are calling for an end to the Canadian problem?

--If we're going to build a wall along the Mexican border, then why stop there? Let's build borders around every state, so that each one's "national culture" can be preserved! No one really wants those unwashed Kat-Rita refugees anyway, right?

--Length aside, I actually like the citizenship process. In fact, I think everyone should have to undergo it. Foreigners who want to be here have to take tests and oaths, among other things. The result of this is that naturalized citizens know far more about this country (and appreciate it more) than many natives do. And yes, it shows.

--The Tex-Mex equation is badly imbalanced at the moment, in favor of Tex.

--I wish there were some way to deport the people who insist that Mexican immigrants are diluting our "national culture" and disrupting "our way of life." Perhaps we could trade each one of these closet bigots for an immigrant from Mexico. Once that trade leveled out, I'd be the first to call for a sealed border.


Speechie said...

I fully agree with you there. We should ship the jerks out. And I especially loved the part where you said "If they can find a job here, more power to them. I can't." LOL. Ian McGibboney, you are too funny.

Nick said...

I have advocated shutting down illegal immigration on both borders for a long time now. A reasonable person would realize that shutting down only the southern border is dumb, as a potential terrorist could just come across the northern border.

Your one-for-one trade is a neat idea. However, I'd say trade a working, illegal immigrant for an American who refuses work so they can just live off the government. Some people have talked about trading each illegal immigrant working to rebuild New Orleans for each evacuee who is perfectly able, but refuses to take the jobs to rebuild and/or help their hometown. It's against our Constitution and not really right, but I the thought does interest me.

Also, I say people who are illegal aliens should have no right to protest our government trying to tighten up on illegal immigration. They're here illegally. They jumped ahead in line while Asians, Hispanics, Europeans, Africans, etc. are waiting and going about this the LEGAL way and respecting our laws.

Are you part of the far left crowd that wants completely open borders for people to come and go as they please?

Ian McGibboney said...

Nick, what strikes me most about your comment is this line:

"It's against our Constitution and not really right, but I the thought [sic] does interest me."

The New Orleans situation is a different discussion entirely. Suffice to say, I disapprove strongly of the migrant wage that Bush wanted (did?) enforce during reconstruction of New Orleans. So the GOP wants to stifle immigration, but hey, let's allow some illegal help so we can avoid paying living wages and not have to deal with those damn Ninth Ward n--whoops, Freudian slip!

The immigration debate should be strictly a legal discussion, pertaining to fine-tuning regulations and making them fair for applicants. Instead, your response attempts to pit races against one another and makes immigration sound almost like a family feud. Which is everything I expect from the right. Along with this typically limited either/or thinking:

"Are you part of the far left crowd that wants completely open borders for people to come and go as they please?"

So obviously, if I don't like the law written strictly as is, I'm for repealing it entirely, right? Give me a break. Seriously. I don't think questioning the logistics of our immigration policy is the same as wanting to repeal it entirely. What a gross, and yet typical, accusation.

I, for one, am exhausted from blind partisan accusations from the right every time someone proposes a solution to a problem that doesn't include blanket and strict punishment of a group of people. Sorry.

Nick said...

1. In regards to New Orleans, the illegal immigrants there are making better than living wages. Construction companies are paying EVERYONE very decent wages to work there. Hell, McDonalds keeps running radio ads begging people to return to New Orleans and offering starting pay that you proabably can't find at other fast food restaurants across the country.

2. Please explain how I'm attempting to pit races against each other. Enlighten my on my own thinking.

3. I guess you took my question the wrong way. I wasn't accusing you of wanting open borders. I was just asking you if you were part of that group that advocates that policy. There are many liberals and libertarians who want completely free, open borders. Obviously, due to your response, you don't. That's all I was asking. I just wanted a bit more clarification on your position.

4. Oh, and your assertion that Republicans refer to New Orleans citizens as "9th Ward niggers" is dumb and just as much of a blind partisan accusation as the ones your tired of hearing in the border debate.

Nick said...

By the way, did you get my e-mail and try to contact Anthony Fazzio?

Ian McGibboney said...

1) Well, maybe they are, Nick, I don't know. But I do recall the feds trying to pass a migrant-wage law there, so that companies wouldn't have to pay them minimum wage or benefits for the duration. I suppose the high wages (at McDonald's and elsewhere) are an inevitable result of the housing shortage for workers in New Orleans. I have friends who work there who attest to that.

2) I'll respond to this by using your own quotes:

"Some people have talked about trading each illegal immigrant working to rebuild New Orleans for each evacuee who is perfectly able, but refuses to take the jobs to rebuild and/or help their hometown."

Are people really refusing, or is it that the so-called "evacuees" (you know what you mean) are not being brought back, and that no one really wants them back? Or that housing is not being addressed? Or any other of many reasons?

"They jumped ahead in line while Asians, Hispanics, Europeans, Africans, etc. are waiting and going about this the LEGAL way and respecting our laws."

Who's "THEY," Nick? And why is your question phrased as if only the unmentioned race is the one skirting immigration laws?

3) Nick, as much as you constantly accuse me of following party lines, I speak for myself. If that's what you wanted to know, then you should phrasd the question a little more carefully. It's easily mistaken for the "for us or against us" attitude.

4) I've heard this in person from a variety of people, so don't even deny it. I even saw one pump their fist over the idea that whitebread suburban people were going to move in and "finally" turn the place Republican.

Nick said...

1. Did the migrant workers go to New Orleans with concrete living arrangments? Whether they did or didn't, why couldn't many of the evacuees who are without jobs do the same?

2. Um...what race did I not mention? I think I covered everyone except Arabians and Native Americans. Russians too. And again, I'm advocating shutting down illegal immigration on BOTH borders. I am time and again said that Hispanics are not the only ones coming here illegally. However, they are the vast majority. That's just the facts.

3. Sorry my questions are never worded to perfection.

4. I don't care if you've heard people refer to New Orleans residents with derrogetory terms. You're still branding a group of people as being racist based on a few statements you've heard.

Violet said...

The real issue, of course, is the jobs that they're taking. I've been on "migrant worker" and "day laborer" waiting lists for years now. U.S. citizens are literally *clamboring* for those jobs. Wait - no they're not. We started getting pissed off because we'd have to recognize their work and provide education and healthcare for their families. Yeah - that sounds like US.

Flamingo Jones said...

I like your post, but I'm scared of the fact that thanks to the google ads, the first thing I saw on your page was an ad for a conservative whackjob running for Attorney General here in Wisconsin. Frightening.

Ian McGibboney said...

They do have a sense of irony most of the time, don't they?

I apologize...profusely...

Flamingo Jones said...

It's here again. It's a good thing I like you...I can feel my instinct to boycott kicking in. But I wouldn't do that to you.

I do swear out loud when I see your page now though. Sorry.

Flamingo Jones said...

Oh, and if you ever HEAR me swearing about your page, please know that I'm referring to the conservative whackjob in question, not you. I know that you do not have that sort of "relationship" with your mother.