Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Don't you wish your nation was hot like mine?

Most people say at some point that their significant other is the "prettiest" or otherwise "most wonderful" person in the world. The more I hear this, the more I suspect that most of them have to be wrong.

It's like seeing three Santa Clauses in one city block; they can't all be the one, right?

And really, why do people say that? Most of them would probably reply that they feel lucky or blessed to have someone so perfect for them. But I wonder if many of them aren't also saying for it as a way of making themselves feel superior to others. After all, how can anyone top the perfect mate, who's already been spoken for?

I often feel this way about the United States, "The greatest nation on Earth." Well, sure, we're proud of the place. But is it really the best course of action to go around strutting that broad declaration? Who's really going to believe us?

Proponents of neocon American foreign policy say that the way toward peace is to assert U.S. ideology over the rest of the world. The theory behind this is that we're the best system, and thus everyone will be eager to embrace our way of life. And why not? It works so well with street preachers and Sun Myung Moon!

But think about it: if the Soviet Union had invaded the United States in an attempt to promote communism at the point of a gun, how would we have reacted? Would we have greeted our benevolent liberators in the streets with flowers, or would we have gone Red Dawn on their asses? My money's on Patrick Swayze. Why? Because we weren't receptive to the idea that the USSR was our beacon of hope. Especially if they tried to prove it to us by destroying our infrastructure and taking hold of our natural resources. No country has the right to invade us out of feelings of superiority. We're the United States of America, dammit! The best nation in the world!

Perhaps the best way to prove that we're the best thing going is to exercise our principles in our daily lives, rather than bragging to the rest of the world about what a wonderful world our missiles provide. Better to leave people drooling over your hotness than to turn them off with your inner ugliness.


jenny said...

wise as always.

Jester said...

"if the Soviet Union had invaded the United States in an attempt to promote communism at the point of a gun"

So, basically the USSR and the USA are no different from one another?

Speechie said...

Are you implying that you're dating me at gunpoint? Because your obsession with the fact that I own a gun is just getting ridiculous :D I have a permit. LOL. The first thing I am going to do when I walk in the door from Dallas is throw it away...or maybe give it to some angry junior high school kid that will be able to use it more than I can.
And I AM better than everyone else...what will it take to make you realize this? LOL.

Oy...so many ways I could turn this into a total freaky teen dating drama and yet, the above stuff is all I really have time for right now. It's disheartening. In Dallas with a day to relax and I don't even have time to harass you because I have to use that time to do homework. Meh.

Wish you were here. Then I could harass you in person. ;) ;) ;)

Ian McGibboney said...

Jester, most countries ARE alike in the respect that they want to impose their will on the rest of the world.

Jester said...

That's what I thought you would say. It doesn't surprised me, though, since you're only a journalism major. I suggest taking serious lessons in world military history before you start writing about it.

Ian McGibboney said...

Jester, personal attacks will get you nowhere here. You don't know what I've taken and what I haven't.

Anyway, one doesn't need advanced studies in military history to know that imperialism is a bad idea and has never been sustained in the long term by any nation.

Politics and religion are very much the same: everybody thinks they're right and that everyone else is wrong, and thus they have a right to impose their will on everyone else at any cost, and nobody is content with simply minding their own business and leading by example.

Speechie said...

The people who read and complain about your blog should read and complain about my blog. I could use the laugh. Since I have taken five classes pertaining to military history and theology and also come from a military lifestyle. Hmmm...oh the things I have to say about people who act big but really know NOTHING about anything...and no, Ian, I'm not talking about YOU *points at the other guy*...LOL.

Speechie said...

Oh yeah, I forgot...I also come from a place that is all religiously cultish...that helps.

Jester said...

Jester, personal attacks will get you nowhere here. You don't know what I've taken and what I haven't.

So you're actually a history expert who's holding back on us? And personal attacks? Ha! How about this: Ian, you're a fat, ugly moron. Now that's a personal attack.

Anyway, one doesn't need advanced studies in military history

But it sure as hell helps to have a clue as to what one is talking about before one actually does.

Politics and religion are very much the same

Blanket generalizations like this aren't helping your argument or credibility at all in the adult world.

Ian McGibboney said...

Jester, you're the one who needs to grow up. Calling me a "fat, ugly moron" is much different than ridiculing my college education, and you know it. The second one is far more severe. You're hardly the first to dismiss me based on your (LIMITED) knowledge of my life. But that isn't the point anyway; the point is that you continue to attack the source rather than what the source argues. How about some actual counterpoints? Just this once? Maybe then your crowing about being in the "adult world" wouldn't sound like the absurdly ridiculous bile that it is.

Jester said...

Ok, fine. You wanna play rough? Let's get down to it:

Ian, I'm surprised that you, as a trained journalist, could so easily dismiss the credibility of sources as being more important than what the source argues. I'm assuming you've had more college English classes than me; yet during my years in English the legitimacy of sources was drilled into my head nonstop as being first and foremost in importance.

It's hard to believe that you don't practice this basic tenet of journalism. Yet all I have seen at your site is emotions, opinions, generalizations, and stereotypes first before facts and/or research.

Oh, and Speechie, feel free to address me directly if you so desire rather than simply pointing fingers at me from the peanut gallery.

Ian McGibboney said...

Jester, speechie HAS addressed your commentary on her excellent post, here. The relevant part begins on the fourth paragraph.

Want to talk about peanut gallery? One difference between you and speechie, among many, is that her blog and her profile provide some accountability for her comments, whereas (as I've said many times before) you have nothing. And even that would be okay if you weren't hiding behind that to make ad-hominem personal attacks.

Sources ARE very important, jester. But they're just one part of the equation. Your method has been to insult me through comment after comment, calling me a narcissist, a juvenile, shady, etc. Meanwhile, you add ZERO in the way of counterpoints, facts, research or anything else you accuse me of not having.

This is an editorial site. I spend a lot of time putting it together, and try to focus on that which interests me most to ensure familiarity with the topics. If you have something to say about what I say, fine. But until then, I would suggest you stop holding your remarks up as examples of the "adult world."

Jester said...

Oh, so we're back to the same old worn-out "Jester doesn't have a blog so he's not in our little clique" song & dance again, are we? Please. Having a blog is no substitute for actual life experience, a fact which you have yet to learn.

"This is an editorial site." In other words, legitimate sources always take a backseat to neocom bias and emotional outbursts here. Ok. Why didn't you say so earlier and save us both the grief of this argument?

I apologize for having the gall to challenge you on your home turf. I thought that's what this site was for, and I was wrong.

Jester has left the thread...

Jester said...

P.S.: Thanks for trying to steer me past the first three paragraphs of Speechie's endless filibuster, but it didn't work. I already read the first two and instantly fell asleep from boredom.

Jester has really left this thread now.

Ian McGibboney said...

Jester, you know as much about my life as I know about yours. Which is to say, NOTHING. Your endless bravado and hubris belies the fact that you add nothing to the actual content of this thread.

I'd take stock in your opinion a lot more if it held any more substance than, "Ian is an idiot." And if you were actually willing to brave through arguments instead of willingly turning yourself off to them.

See you in a few minutes.