Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ariel Schiavo

Good news for those of you who wanted to go through two consecutive Aprils with a brain-dead patient affecting government policy:

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who has been in a coma for three months, will be declared permanently incapacitated Tuesday, a decision that signals the official end of his tenure as Israel's leader, the Justice Ministry said Sunday.

The Israeli prime minister has lost his job and is now in a vegetative state, making him this year's personification of life in a right-wing world. Terri Schiavo, last year's winner, crowned Sharon and presented him with flowers.

What I don't understand is why they didn't just pronounce him dead Sunday instead of Tuesday. The official explanation is this:

Ehud Olmert stepped in for him immediately as acting prime minister, but under Israeli law he can only serve in that capacity for up to 100 days before an official replacement for Sharon has to be named.

That deadline expires Friday, but because the weeklong Jewish Passover holiday begins Wednesday, the declaration of permanent incapacitation has been moved up to Tuesday - with the proviso that it not take effect if Sharon's condition improves before the deadline, Justice Ministry spokesman Jacob Galanti said.

That explains why they don't want to wait until next Friday; but why wait even as long as Tuesday? If the Israeli government was able to go on the news Sunday and say, "We've decided this guy's a vegetable," then that should be the end of it. After all, it isn't any more likely that he's going to get out of bed and lead the Likud any more Tuesday than he is today. Or become braindeader, for that matter. Like a transcendentalist might say, he just is.

I guess they need a few more days to put off the inevitable, just like with any family who has to come to terms with such a predicament. Still, instability in the world is something we should all be used to by now.


thehim said...

Sharon left the Likud before his stroke to form the Kadima party. Olmert is also in the Kadima Party and they won the elections. Although, if Sharon has permanent brain damage, he'll actually fit right in with Likud again. :)

Speechie said...

Brain dead politicians? Wherever would you get such an idea? I can't imagine the world with brain dead politicians...I honestly don't know who you could be talking about in the metaphorical sense. Our politicians are sooooo wonderful and everything. :D

Speechie said...

Oh, PS-- did you see the GoogleAd for this blog? Health Insurance. Hehehe.

Ian McGibboney said...

Thehim, exactly my point. Sharon leading the Likud is just another unlikely wrinkle in an unlikely situation. Besides, it makes for cool alliteration.

Speechie, hrrrrrrn!

Incidentally, the ad I got is for hyperbaric oxygen. Google must have realized that I was jamming to Michael Jackson last night. :O