Sunday, March 26, 2006

Caption Central

"Note right" edition

--"...And because my SUV ran out of gas before I got to the demonstration"
--"...And I choose less shady school vouchers than this"
--"...And I choose to go to the bathroom, Condi!"
--"...Assuming that choice is made for me by GOP lawmakers"
--Of course, she had to note that she was both Republican and pro-woman
--Funny...when I think of GOP politicians making choices, I'm more reminded of yellow than pink
--There's a lot of room between those lines
--One bumper sticker that you won't see 30 times on a Navigator
--The answer: a tack. The question: How does a neocon solve any problem?
--Indeed, "Republican" and "pink slip" often go hand-in-hand
--"Wait...this is school choice right? Because that's all I mean"
--A very tempting bullseye indeed
--If you're a Republican for choice, then why are you a Republican BY choice?
--And I'll bet they support choice in order to CHOOSE's about time a conservative understood the pro-choice platform!

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Flamingo Jones said...

You know, I used to let people slide who said they were social liberals, but fiscal conservatives and therefore voted Republican. But no more, because the Republicans right now are NOT fiscal conservatives, obviously. I just don't see what, if they're pro-choice, appeals to them about the GOP? Are they OK with abortion, but really hate gay people, or what?

I suppose they're just really rich...that top 1% who get all the tax breaks. Which is lucky for them, because even if the whole country goes South Dakota, they'll always be able to afford safe abortions for their teenage daughters anyway.