Sunday, March 12, 2006

Caption Central

"Let freedom wring" edition

--Two Iraqi kids prepare to perform an uproarious metaphor of the Iraq War
--"Man, I'm pissed! That other kid got to hold up a sign saying his sister had been knocked up!"
--"My shirt's wrinkled. Anyone have an irony?"
--The only thing washed on this poor kid is his brain
--I heard he's actually registered to vote in Akron
--Under the Iraqi version of No Child Left Behind, playground bullies are allowed preemptive strikes against smaller children, by virtue of the bullies' larger stature
--I believe they call this, "Stockholm syndrome"
--Asking the Iron Sheik to starch his shirt was a bad move
--They told him the shirt said, "Bush League Futbol"
--That particular hold is known as an Abu Grab
--Not only was his index finger purple, so was his neck
--"They promised me that this shirt would ward off evil spirits!"
--Another fine product from Credibility-Gap Kids
--"Who is this 'sitting duck' I keep hearing about?"
--What the kid likes best about the Bush platform is his supply-side economic policies, which offer tax incentives to corporations and the wealthiest citizens in order to facilitate economic growth and...wait, what? Oh, he can't even read. Never mind.


Cajun Tiger said...

Can't quite consider that there are lots of people here who are actually thrilled with Saddam being out of power and love the man who is responsible for accomplishing that can you?

Ian McGibboney said...

I never met a kid who had a real political opinion. Even my own political awareness as a young child was guided by those around me. And while I'm glad that my family and teachers instilled in me the importance of politics at an early age, they refrained from using me as their oh-so-cute dress-up doll.

Few things sadden me like seeing the "God Hates Fags" kids picketing for something they don't understand and would probably recoil in disgust from if they did. I've written posts about this exploitation in the past. So, you see, my issue with this transcends Iraq.

Speaking of Iraq, I don't doubt that Saddam being gone makes people happy. But from what I hear, Iraq is virtually on the edge of civil war now, so how has American foreign policy really helped there? You're there; maybe you have some insight I don't have. I'm open to reading it.

Nick said...

I'm sure Cajun Tiger probably has some pretty good insight on the situation in Iraq. However, anytime I try to get it out of him, I virtually get, "I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." I like staying alive.

Ian McGibboney said...

That's true of most military people I know. I can understand not giving away secret missions and movements and whatnot, but there's got to be something they can say, perhaps about a past action. Or they could at least wrap it up in pointless jargon like public-relations people do.

Nick said...

Nah...I can understand why Cajun Tiger can't say anything, especially while he's over there. You know what I think, Icon? I think he is over there laying down the pipeline for oil to run from Iraq all the way to California while Halliburton and Dick Cheney torture little kids and nuter camels.

Cajun Tiger said...

Nick, it is a pipeline to Louisiana, not Cali. However I won't let it be completed until we get our fair share of the tax revenue!!! =)

Unfortunately there is lots of stuff I know I can't talk about and some stuff I'm not sure. I have to err on the side of not saying anything b/c the last thing I would ever want to do is put someone in danger by my saying something I shouldn't have.

Going back to the kid in the pic. That was exactly my point. The kid could probably care less, but the fact that he is wearing a Bush t-shirt says way more about his parents.