Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A better birth control?

Soon the GOP will try to stop this too

BBC--Experts are developing a contraceptive pill they hope will not carry the raised risk of breast cancer associated with the current combined pill.

It is hoped the new pill, which may actually protect against the disease, could be available within five years. [...]

It would stop the monthly cycle of periods by blocking the hormone progesterone, which helps the body prepare for pregnancy. It might also cut the risk of thrombosis for older women who are overweight or smoke.

A birth-control pill with a reduced risk of breast cancer? Wow! Assuming this innovation works out (it's still in a rudimentary phase), we could be looking at a serious breakthrough for women who wish to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The current pill supposedly protects against womb and ovarian cancer, so this would hit the trifecta! What a wonderful day for women. Surely there must be a catch...

The pill is based on the drug used in the controversial abortion pill - RU486.

Oh, darn. Well, so much for that! They say that this pill will be available in five years. But who are we kidding? Five years from now, the Scalito court will have raped reproductive rights to a degree that such a pill might never see the light of day here. Even though, ironically, it'll probably be most necessary by then.

But hey, that's what women deserve, right? If they hadn't given Adam the apple to begin with, then maybe they wouldn't be having all these babies. Or something.

To paraphrase the ridiculous attack ad from Head of State: "The religious right. They're for cancer."


jenny said...

are they against all kinds of contraceptives or is it just pills? how about intra-uterine devices?
i guess they all "kill babies". even though the "baby" never existed. but hey, who am i to suggest logic.

Flamingo Jones said...

Oh, it's ALL contraceptives, for sure.

jenny said...

when do you think they'll try to make restrictions on women's right to vote? :/

Flamingo Jones said...

Sometime before 2008, if they can get away with it.

Maybe a lost book of the bible will show up, magically proclaiming the act of women voting to be the eighth deadly sin. They'd eat that up.