Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ironically, Lafayette Sports went out of business years ago

The following is a list of noteworthy people from Lafayette, Louisiana, as mentioned on this city profile. See if you can detect a pattern:

Gil Meche - 2005 Major League Baseball player (Seattle Mariners)
Lance Cormier - 2005 Major League Baseball player (Arizona Diamondbacks--I graduated from high school with him)
Anthony Clement - 2005 NFL player (Denver Broncos)
Devery Henderson - 2005 NFL player (New Orleans Saints)
Domanick Davis - 2005 NFL player (Houston Texans)
Jerry Fontenot - 2005 NFL player (Cincinnati Bengals)
Josh Reed - 2005 NFL player (Buffalo Bills)
Kevin Faulk - 2005 NFL player (New England Patriots)
Luke Lawton - 2005 NFL player (New York Jets)
Nnamdi Asomugha - 2005 NFL player (Oakland Raiders)

Of course, this list doesn't tell the whole story. It leaves out the talented pro athletes of surrounding areas such as Carencro and Breaux Bridge, as well as the talented pro athletes who trained here but were born elsewhere.

The great actors, artists and intellects of our time may visit here, but they are apparently never born in Lafayette hospitals.


Nick said...

It makes me very happy that people such as Barbra Striestand, Tom Cruise, Dave Matthews, and Kanye West were never born here.

Sammy Kershaw was born in Kaplan, though.

Nick said...

Kevn Castile: 10,000m U.S. Olympic Trials

Anonymous said...

Lance got traded. He now plays for the Atlanta Braves *shudders* I wish him well while continuing to wish failure on the Braves.


Flamingo Jones said...

Then you'll be the first, Ian. I'll look forward to that.

Ian McGibboney said...

Nick, I'm sure it makes them happy too. As for Kevin Castille, I suppose he was born here. I'd have to ask him. Wikipedia includes Olympian Hollis Conway, but he was born in Chicago.

I went with the list's criteria for inclusion, which meant that the people were born in the Lafayette city limits. That left out a lot of people, like Richard Simmons, who went to UL for one year but is from New Orleans (dammit!). But conversely, the list includes those born here but not raised, such as Asomugha, who lists his hometown as Los Angeles (I believe his sister was an elementary-school classmate of mine). My point in offering this list is that our most famous people are, literally, all athletes. And Kevyn Aucoin, the gay makeup icon, who dropped out of my high school because his classmates used to beat him up.

I have nothing against athletes--I was one in school and continue to stay in shape--but I'm surprised that that's all a town of our diversity has ever produced.

Tekell, I shudder at the thought too. But I am impressed that Lance is making it.

Flamingo, me too. Will they claim me then? Not sure. But if they claimed Kevyn Aucoin (sometimes, at least), then they'll claim me too.

Nick said...


Kevin went to Acadiana High. I think he might have been born in New Orleans, but I'm not sure. However, I'd say he counts much more than Asomugha, who lists his hometown as L.A. and went to U-Cal.

Not all of our popular people are just athletes. Again, Sammy Kershaw (Kaplan), Tony Chacherie (Opelousas, my paw paw used to fix his A/C's and washers & would get all kind of free stuff) and there's another country music singer who I think is from Lafayette. I think his first name is Mark.

Murph said...

Just give me some time, Ian.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Castille, Born in Lafayette La. Currently lives and trains in Lafayette. And devotes his time in bringing athletics back to Lafayette. ( up and running in @ 30days....