Sunday, January 22, 2006

Caption central

Extended "Dubya Dubya Eeee!" edition

--It's George "the Animal" Steele!
--Security provided by the NWO
--"Let's get ready to CRUMMMMMBLLLLLE!"
--Where's Sergeant Slaughter when you need him?
--"Stop with the 'Ding-Ding!' That's not nice!"
--"Wait, I'm confused...isn't a ring supposed to be round?"
--The new ring girl at Caesar's Palace was really disappointing
--"Mr. McMahon, tear down these walls!"
--Disoriented by his surroundings, Dubya began quoting Austin 3:16 to his religious-right base
--Bush was startled by the realism of the Jack Abramoff simulator
--Ringling Bros. was confused the next morning when they got 3,000 e-mails praising them for the best sideshow ever
--"I spy something red!"
--I've heard of audience-screening, but this is ridiculous
--Don King left quickly, muttering, "Damn, this guy's shady!"
--Shadow boxing for shadow government
--The corners of the ring had credibility gaps
--Bush's ego disallowed anyone else from sharing the space
--Bush always performed stand-up for what he believes in
--Well, I guess his head does count as The Rock...
--Mike Tyson said, "Damn, he needs to use his brain and stop fighting so much"
--Bush's boxing name: Riddick D'oh
--Those ropes you see are actually the strings by which he is pulled
--Somebody tell this man the Iron Sheik retired
--Rocky times for the GOP
--Well, as long as Bush treats war like a wrestling match, why not?
--"We don't do torture! It's just a coincidence this looks like a draw-and-quarter gridiron."
--Announcing Bush the Heartless Globeprodder versus the Washington Generals!
--It's the latest development in politics: theater-in-the-ground
--Bush had to crib his speech
--Whoa! It really IS fake!!


Zachary said...

--Where am I?
--There's a saying in Virginia...
--What are you staring at?
--Need some wooden posts?

Ruben said...

Hilarious post about a tragically stupid president.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Love the picket fence and the square putting green. Where's Marian the Librarian?