Sunday, January 01, 2006

Caption Central

"The Craw-Ford F-350 Ranch" Limited Edition

--It's the President's Ford!
--License plate: Bush puts the "BS" in "6BS-D2Z"
--Bush heads off to his speech on conservation of fuel resources
--Bush single-handedly disproves the big-truck theory by sprouting a third leg
--Fortunately for Bush's PR, the San Diego skyline is nowhere near Texas
--Upon seeing this truck's grille, Tom DeLay recoiled out of habit
--Usually, air bags are already inside the vehicle
--"I used to fly an F-350 just like this one!"
--Recycled: Its wheels don't turn because it Stays The Course
--"Who needs this rearview mirror? We can't afford to look back!"
--Imagine that! Even his truck sneers...
--Bush and Co. practice the valet-parking drill they'll need in 2009
--Cinematic: "Git Jeff Daniels in here so's we can return the briefcase!"
--Bush discovered too late that his Road to Recovery is a dead end
--"Don't make me drive this nation off a cliff!"


thehim said...

What do you mean I'm not allowed to shoot out the window while I'm driving, officer?

Flamingo Jones said...

When OnStar Operators dream, this is their nightmare.

Phillip said...

you lookin' for a good time pardner?