Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hitting the big 2-0-0-5!

Jesus, what a wonderful day! Show some love to someone you love.


Michael said...

καλά Χριστουγεννή, Ian. Now stop humping that tree!

Flamingo Jones said...

Is that a Super Spin Carwash I see? My cousin and I used to play with that too. You had good taste in toys.

Ian McGibboney said...

Ha ha, yeah! In fact, I didn't have it for long because I wound up wearing it out. Also, I lost the top within days and it's hard to play with a car wash when the water's spraying all over your Atari.

And you can just about imagine how quickly they regretted buying me a radio with a microphone! I still have it somehwhere, actually. Last I checked, it still worked.

What I really want to find, though, is the Super Vision. That thing was badass. I saw one for $9 on eBay, which is a little cheap.

Also, happy Greek to you too, Michael!