Saturday, December 03, 2005

Do I look like processed meat in a can?

Fellow bloggers:

Apparently Blogger's comment-verification feature has a serious glitch. Regardless of site or thread, my "word" is always "smenita," and it is never correct. I suspect it is stuck. It's irritating me because I had a lot to say this afternoon, and I can't get through to anyone with the feature. Too much security...a metaphor for our country as a whole?

Anyway, I've turned off my protection temporarily so you can tell me if this is happening to you as well. Or if you have an exciting offer written in broken English that I just can't pass up.


ccgirl said...

For a while, I had trouble posting comments here until I accepted cookies from blogger. This may not be the same problem you are experiencing because I got a different word each time.

Tyler Simons said...

same thing, same word with me. Grr.

Flamingo Jones said... answer your question: No, I do not believe you look like processed meat in a can.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Coming through fine here.

Ian McGibboney said...

Testing, testing....

One spammer was especially into the post about the Bush twins and their "Bush show." Guess he really WAS tired of surfing the Net for cord-blood cells.

Okay, verification back on.