Friday, December 30, 2005

After death do we part?

If you marry someone, and they die years later, so you remarry, and then die years later, who do you wind up with in the afterlife (assuming there is one)? Would you get to choose? How would the loser feel? And would you really want either one?

At the end of Titanic, Rose (Kate) is shown meeting up with Jack (Leo) on the Titanic, presumably signifying a reunion in the afterlife. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I wonder how Rose's late husband--the one with whom she spent decades building up a life and love--felt about losing to some snide ass whom she knew for maybe three days of her life. I'd be pretty pissed. In fact, I'd want to kill him. But I couldn't, you see, because we're already dead. All I could do was kick his ass endlessly, which would be fun too. Or maybe we'd both share her. I don't know. Seems skanky, even if venereal disease isn't an issue anymore.

The Mormons have it the worst: multiple wives...and eternal marriage! Good luck with that, Zacariah!

This is why I plan on never getting married. Or dying. Too many issues!


jenny said...

you know, maybe god didn't intend on you holding grudges in the afterlife. just a thought.

i don't plan on dying either. :)

ccgirl said...

Marriage is only for this life. Theologically, marriage is an image of the trinity. Marital love as it was intended by God, including the sexual experience is supposed to be a glimpse of eternity. If we make it to Heaven, we will have the Beatific Vision for Eternity. Marital relationships end upon death.

Neil Shakespeare said...

The sexual experience is a 'glimpse of eternity'?!! Geez, maybe I DO wanna die!

Flamingo Jones said...

That reminds me of one of my favorite bits from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" when Larry's wife makes some comment about being together for all eternity, and Larry's reaction is "Wait a minute...the vows said 'til DEATH do us part'!" That would be me.

If marriage ends at death anyway...what's the big deal? For all the fuss people make, you'd think it'd be a little more eternal or something. I dunno. It seems kind of anti-climactic then.

Plus, if marriage is supposed to be a glimpse of eternity...judging by 99% of the marriages I know....I'll pass on that particular vision of eternity.

ccgirl said...

A glimpse of Eternity is what God intends for us, not necessarily what is actually realized by humans with fallen natures here. My experience with marriage has been positive in all aspects. It gives me opportunities to die to myself all the time. Without it, I would be a much different person now, and not for the better.

My husband came from a broken home and he suffered greatly from his parents divorce.

The statistics don't lie about the outcome for most children who grow up in broken homes and those who grow up in a home with married parents (man and woman).

Ian McGibboney said...

CCgirl, I'm glad your marriage is doing well and that your experience is positive. I grew up among one of the best marriages ever (my maternal grandparents) and one of the worst (my parents). I'm incredibly picky about marriage because of all that, and it disgusts me to see something so important treated so trivially by so many, especially at a young age.

I talked to a 17-year-old friend of my sister's tonight who is only half-jokingly being pressured by her grandparents to have kids. Just so that they can have great-grandkids! Marriage and childbirth as status-symbol--that's appalling to me.

While I grew up in a frequently dysfunctional home environment, I would never say it made me any less of a person. Hell, I think I'm pretty strong for it. Sometimes divorce is definitely the answer. I only hope people find what is best for them and not try to conform to societal standards or "what's best for the children."

Matt said...

Maybe what it all means is that God really hates Celine Deion (pardon my spelling) and JACK should have found another door.

Or, put another way, they should have traveled by air. Much shorter, and you probably die quicker in the case of an accident.

Or, finally, maybe there..... is.... no.... afterlife?

Matt said...

either way, I agree with several of your comment-ers.

Dying is for mortals.

Joe said...

But will the girls that I have slept with still feel cheap and dirty and avoid me at all costs in the afterlife like they do now? Here's hoping they do.