Thursday, November 10, 2005

Today is Veteran's Day

Or, as it's known around the Bush White House, Friday.

(Speaking of the White House, our local mall is holding the Halliburton Chili Cookoff from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today. Talk about a four-alarmist recipe!)

See last year's (updated) tribute to my family in uniform.


Nick said...

I love hearing about stroies of veterans. I can never pretend to have been in a war, and I have the deepest respects for those who have volunteered their time and their lives. Your family should be commended.

I have heard enough stories from friends who have fought in Iraq to know that I don't ever want to fight there. However, if there is a draft, I will go. I have decided that if we are in such a delima that a draft has to take place, I will then just sign up on my own and go into officer school in the national guard. It's actually something that I've always dreamed of after hanging out with my navy uncle, but just never did. If our country is so bad off that it needs a draft, then I suppose it would be time anyway for my pro-Iraq war ass to shut up or put up, so I would volunteer.

Anyway, nothing but admiration and respect for the veterans in your family Icon. They are a blessing to this country.

Mikel said...

Ian,....thank you for remembering.