Saturday, November 19, 2005

The return of Not Right News!

This itself should be news

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--Actor Robert Blake was found liable Friday for the 2001 death of his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley, who was shot dead while Blake searched for his gun in a restaurant. He will have to pay $30 million to her family, giving him a whole new reason to find that gun.

--Wildfires continue to sweep southern California, with flames rising as high as 30 feet and causing voluntary evacuations of nearby neighborhoods. Pat Robertson blamed the fires on "pro-death culture," saying God was mad at California for killing Nixon and Reagan.

--Congress postponed the renewal of the PATRIOT Act Friday, with top Republicans arguing that they need more time to "really digest the changes." This new view of the act is a departure from the party's previous stance, "Choke on it!"

--On Wednesday, an L.A. cabbie discovered a pouch inside his cab containing $350,000 worth of diamonds. The cabdriver returned the pouch to its relieved owner at Los Angeles Airport--at least that's who the kid at the counter said he was.

--A new poll shows that 42 percent of Americans now believe the U.S. should butt out of foreign affairs. The other 58 percent are clearly ignorant of foreign affairs.

--Authorities recovered video from the laptop of a boy charged with killing his girlfriend's parents. The footage reveals that he and a friend were planning to murder again. But remember, guns didn't do it. People did it.

--San Francisco athiest Michael Newdow was back in court this week, arguing for the removal of the motto "In God We Trust" from American currency. Doing this would require Washington D.C. to pull in all of our money and burn it. Except this time to remove the motto.

--A man in Orange County, California, has sued, alleging that the personals site uses employees as "date bait" to foster continued renewals. Representatives for the site wanted to tell the guy to get a life; but then he wouldn't need!

--The chief astronomer for the Vatican said Friday that "intelligent design" isn't science and doesn't belong in the science classroom. Oh, like astronomy belongs in the Vatican?

--U.N. secretary Kofi Annan said that he was disappointed with the foreign-aid response for the recent Asian earthquake, calling it "weak." George W. Bush responded to the allegation by saying, "Of course you're weak."

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rhonda said...

i can't help but chuckle anytime i see the words "pro-death culture," whether the speaker is trying to be serious or not.