Thursday, November 03, 2005

Not heard at hurricane shelters

--"Mmmm, food! I haven't eaten in days! Wait, this is a government handout? Never mind."
--"Man, we sure are lucky to be living in the Astrodome, just like Barbara said."
--"We were more prepared than you Ninth Ward folks because we Cajuns are better people."
--"I blame Kathleen Blanco for Katrina. Bobby Jindal would have just parted the floodwaters."
--"Does this radio catch Rush?"
--"Oh, damn...I hoped I locked the door before I left."
--"Why don't our leaders stop crying on TV? What are they trying to do, embarrass us?"
--"I cried when I lost my home until I realized Tom Benson had lost his stadium."
--"You know what we need? A good lecture on bootstrap-pulling from GOP pundits."
--"We've taken up enough headline space. No point in pestering Congress for more money to keep our economy and our schools running."
--"It's our fault for having a marsh coast instead of beach."
--"God, did Michael Brown ever look bad in that FEMA outfit! I wanted to vomit."
--"President Bush cares about us. He even rolled up his sleeves to show his commitment to our well-being."
--"Who needs a job? I could just lie on this cot forever."
--"In this arena, we are all one people...looters."
--"Mission accomplished!"
--"This tragic incident proves that the government really, truly cares about Louisiana."


Matthew said...

Does this really piss off any other Louisiana natives?

Ian McGibboney said...

What's really sad is that every state insitution in Louisiana is seeing budget cuts and layoffs galore, and we still won't come close to paying our share of the FEMA bill. Louisiana is a poor state to begin with. Not a state lacking in resourcefulness, but still one with limits.

Nick said...

Yet, our state government seems to think that it's a good investment to spend a couple million dollars on lakes and resevoirs in North Louisiana, especially when their Democrat buddies are the only beneficiaries.

Also not heard at a hurricane shelter:

"I sure am thankful for Mayor Nagin!! He showed he truely cares about us poor, black people by trying to help us get out before the storm."

"Our governor is a brilliant lady who did everything she could to help us."