Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gee, thanks!

Ah, Thanksgiving! What I'm thankful for today:

--That the Detroit Lions have never been to the Super Bowl, thus sparing the Saints the title of the Chicago Cubs of the NFL.

--That there's only one month left in this godawful year.

--That I really like turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

--That only two of my friends died this year.

--Caring and supportive people.

--The Internet.

--John Tesh, for illuminating the fact that half of all 25-year-old Americans still live at home ("a sign of our times") and that the "quarter-life crisis" is an expanding psychological phenomenon.

--Lafayette drivers, who make me feel immensely better about myself.


--The idea that the grass can conceivably be greener somewhere else.

--Not having to care about gas prices since September.

--Realizing that the coolest people in the world are too cool to be called cool by the "cool" people.

--Hooters. That place has awesome trivia.

--Being able to view life from the sidelines and realizing that most things are fluff

--Being able to overhear someone's ridiculously shallow idea of a problem and being happy that I don't have to give the first damn about it.

--No-smoking areas.

--People who can be funny even when the rest of the world demands misery.

--My incredibly naive notion that things still can change for the better.

--That, in spite of everything, there are still Americans who get what this nation is all about (and know that this ain't it).

--That things aren't worse.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Shopping Afterbirth Day!


thehim said...

Hooters has trivia? Where is that?

Flamingo Jones said...

"Afterbirth"? Gross. Do people shop for that? American consumerism is even more disgusting than I thought it was.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Hooters AND John Tesh? In the same Thanksgiving column? I think I'll start my own restaurant called "JOHN TESH'S HOOTERS". That oughtta bring the girls in. And the boys. Or possibly nobody. And yeah, you caught me. That IS a photo of Cheney over at my place. Thanks for visiting and nice to discover your blog.

Nick said...

Yes, Hooters has trivia. At the one in Lafayette, they have sports trivia from 5-7? on Mondays, with 30 cent wings and $1.50 domestic pints from 4-7. Can you tell I've been there done that? I go for the wings...and beer...and trivia...but that's it. Honestly. Ok, I also enjoy the huge, lovely...big screen TV for Monday Night Football.

Well, I went to my first Hooters in Mobile, AL for the Auburn-Alabama football game in 7th grade with my uncle and my dad. At the time, my uncle had 2 Hooters' gals as his roommates and was part of the Hooters and Crown Royals Clubs. So I had some influence.

Alisha said...

Can't believe I missed this one... you actually sounded remotely optimistic!