Sunday, November 27, 2005

Caption Central

"Brain Drain" edition

--Wow...they DO share a brain!
--Though Bush's head is typically up Karl Rove's ass, sometimes he understandably gets his ends confused
--That's so 2004, Ian! The real "mandate" in the Bush administration
--Talk about, "In one ear and out the other!"
--"Hold still, Turd Blossom! Ah'm trying' to see mah brain!"
--Where air and head collide
--"Where's your other hand?" "Between two pillows." "Those aren't pillows!!"
--Unfortunately, "Bush's Brain" also uses "Bush's Barber"
--Their ties to Big Oil aren't their only questionable ties
--Bill and Ted reference: Bush and Rove prepare to morph into Dick "Station" Cheney
--George: "Psst! Check out the rack on row two!" Karl: "Cleavage has no effect on me because I live only for power and profit. The only rack I enjoy is Iraq!"
--Are there enough dry-cleaning chemicals in the world to wash those dirty suits?
--"Lonely at the flop, isn't it?"
--The first-ever co-winners of the annual Republican Smug-Off
--"Use Metamucil, and you too can be regular for the rest of your life!"
--"Hold still, Karl. You have a flake of conscience behind your ear."
--Bush and Rove await the keynote address at the new Exxon-Mobil Niagara Falls
--Bringing new meaning to "right-hand man"


Flamingo Jones said...

I like "Bush's Barber" best of all! Good stuff. As always.

thehim said...

The only rack I enjoy is Iraq!

Nice, but not sure if that's still true...

My caption:
Psst, Karl, we've got a pool going on when you'll be indicted. You're my brain, tell me what I should pick.

Ian McGibboney said...

Thehim, I think you're right. But I didn't want to waste a good pun.

Nice caption addition, too!