Sunday, November 20, 2005

Caption Central

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(All credit for this photo goes to Jason Reed of Reuters, who deserves at least a bonus in his next paycheck)

--"Don't push, Mr. President! Pull!"
--Bush gambles his credibility for what's behind door number three
--I call this piece, "Shit, Faced"
--"Wait, I thought you said I was opening for Usher!"
--What Bush will look like when the G-2-force winds of reality finally hit him head-on
--"Yes, me worry!"
--"Did I ever show you my Joe Pesci impression from Home Alone?"
--Bush failed in his first-ever attempt to get a handle on something
--I'm sure anyone would have been more than happy to show Bush the door
--"Show us the next item up for bids, George!"
--"Hey, George! Can you look even stupider than usual?"
--Bush is so shady that even his shadows are two-faced
--The reason that Special Olympics torches aren't really lit
--"Look at me! I'm King Midas!"
--As much as he hated to do it, Bush just had to come out of the closet
--2009: Bush gets confused on his first night closing the Crawford Banquet Hall
--Irked by press accusations that he is "off his game," Bush attempts to leave a press conference but is thwarted by locked doors, prompting him to respond, "I was trying to escape." No, this isn't a joke; it's actually the true story behind this picture! Irony is truly dead.


Flamingo Jones said...

I want to put this picture on my Christmas cards this year. Maybe I'll photoshop a Santa hat in or something.

oyster said...

I really thought you had your work cut out for you with this pic, Ian.

I mean, how can you possibly make that photo more humorous? Well, somehow you managed it-- nice one!

The Goblin Slayer said...

"Ugh! Nancy Pelosi just flashed me her tits!"

Phillip said...

you know ian, some photos just don't need captions.