Sunday, November 13, 2005

Caption Central

"Playing pretentious" edition

--A grim fairy tale, indeed
--Look! The butcher, the baker and the quagmire-schtick maker!
--Guys...Corporal Klinger joined the army first!
--You know, the Manson Family started out like this
--Putting the "mad" in "madrigal"
--Their sign was written in uppercase letters to show their undying devotion to Capitalism
--The College Democrats won first through fifth prize with their frightening Halloween motif
--Young Republicans model the latest government-issue troop armor
--What Shallow Hal saw when he visited the White House
--Why can't the guy with the Nixon mask be wearing the burqa?
--The truck behind them provided a quick getaway in case military recruiters approached to ask them to put their money where their mouths are
--Unfortunately, the chickenhawk costumes were all sold out
--Is that guy directly behind the poster really trying to look like Rush Limbaugh? This isn't really a caption; I just want to know!
--Because it was cold, the boys had to wear jeans over their pink tutus
--Seriously, guys..."May the fairy tale continue?" What book are you reading?!!
--And they all lived nappier ever after


Phillip said...

i can't even tell what that sign says

PusBoy said...

Republican women get fitted for their burkhas!