Sunday, November 06, 2005

Caption Central

"Screening out the riffraff" edition

--My successful Pictionary doodle for "smokescreen"
--"Good evening, Republicans of St. Louis County. Ah can't see ya!"
--Bush made damn sure the drones kept on working
--Remember, guests, at this juncture you are required to applaud
--The brave man at the lower right was thrown out shortly after gesturing his honest opinion of Dubya
--Animal House: "BOOO!! He's worse than Flounder!"
--"Phew! I thought they said this was a beggar's banquet!"
--"Save some yellow cake for me."
--The Bulimics' Convention grew more innovative each year
--This was clearly not in Texas, as Bush wasn't already there
--...But it might have been in Louisiana
--At the auditions for "America's Next Supreme Court Justice"
--"White men with bad hair...ah feel your pain!"
--"Pray for Tom Benson."
--"If you ask me, Coleman, Dubya got framed."
--"Look! It's Will Forte!"
--This sports bar specialized in hot-air ballooning
--How Republicans define "theater of war"
--The virtual-surreality simulator was later deemed too frightening for public consumption
--Talk about a shadow puppet!


Alisha said...

No comments...what's going on?!?

Michael said...

For me, at least, no picture. Kinda hard to provide a caption for an image I can't see.

oyster said...

I think I've reread this post three times, and I still laugh every time I read that "Ah can't see you" line.

Well done, as always.