Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Random Top 10

What a coincidence! All of my most recent music made my top 10. Odd...

1) Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer--R. Kelly
2) Some Metallica song I stole from Napster
3) Money is No Object (At Least That's What They Tell Me at My Bank)--Johnny Paycheckless
4) This Red State's Got the Blues--Louisiana Satellites
5) Our God is an Awesome God (Who'll Smite Your Sinning Ass If You Dance to This Song)--Baptist Beat
6) I No Longer Believe (2005 remix)--Blessid Union of Souls
7) No--Yes
8) Nothing--Nirvana
9) That Used to Be How We Did It--Montell Jordan
10) God Bless the White House--Prussian Blue


Flamingo Jones said...

I love you for this. Brilliant. THIS is why we are friends. Amoung other things, of course.

Flamingo Jones said...

OK. Hasty posting via my cell phone is totally responsible for that misspelling. Goddamn it.

Phillip said...

funny stuff -- appreciated