Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Caucasian Crooning

Given our fine-tuned concept of prioritization in the news media, the name on everyone's lips today is Prussian Blue, the teenage duo of precocious white supremasisters. These young girls, known as the Olsen Twins of the Stromfront set, sing sweet songs about Nazis and wear the most adorable t-shirts with Hitler smiley faces! Time will tell if these girls can put their talents to better use as time goes by, preferably by strongly rebelling against everything their family has taught them. I believe in redemption.

Chances are, you already know all about Prussian Blue by now. If not, you will. As far as the genre of hate rock goes, it is finally (for better or for worse) getting the attention it deserves. Hell, I was a fan from way back; who can forget the classic 1991 release "You Gotta Fat for Your Rat (to Be Wat!)" by Vanilla Rice? I'm telling you, once you get that sucker in your head, there's no getting it out. Unfortunately, Vanilla Rice committed suicide in 1992 on the day Bill Clinton was elected, so his output was somewhat limited. Instead, I showcase to you a contemporary hate-rock act that, more likely than not, are Prussian Blue's role models.

White Hot hail from Vidor, Texas, where they still live today and hope to never leave. The duo consists of 24-year-old twin sisters Sarah and Sonja Worthy, the only children of Erich and Elsa Worthy. The family is a close-knit one, with the girls having been home schooled at the hand of their mother while their father worked as a cotton farmer and part-time oil prospector. Erich Worthy, a onetime soldier, joined the Knights of the White Kamellia (a local KKK chapter) in 1980 and is immortalized in White Hot's ode, "Veteran Aryan."

Sarah and Sonja began singing in earnest as young children, the very first song they learned being, "Daddy Swiped Our Last Clean Sheet and Joined the Ku Klux Klan." From there on, the sisters perfected their perfect pitch and harmonies between doing their chores and whatever else it is hot twins do. They credit their marvelous physiques to practicing karate, though they quit after learning that the white belt is a far lower rank than that of black belt. Over the years, the girls sang at local fairs and Church of the Creator meetings; they also won such illustrious competitions as the annual Vidor Battle of the Bigots. Their musical influences range from Hank Williams Jr. to Enya to the Dixie horn from The Dukes of Hazzard. If Prussian Blue are white supremacy's Olsen Twins, then White Hot are its Hilton Sisters.

In 2003 they recorded their first album, a low-budget cassette entitled Tighty Whitey. Supposedly, the young girls were angry that the title was printed in black letters, though eventually they relented. Featuring such songs as "Blue-Eyed Girl," "Hitler Euthanasia" and "My Heart Burns Like a Cross for You," the tape serves as a solid document of racialist American thinking at the outset of the War on Iraq. To wit, a representative verse from "Sand Nigga":

Gifted leaders who are Caucasians
Have a right to enforce their persuasions
So let's coalign the willing
And commence to Iraqi killing!

Though Tighty Whitey was a huge hit at Klan rallies, tractor pulls and gun shows (having sold an estimated 221 copies), the Worthy sisters still maintain a collection of unsold cassettes in a large box in their closet. Nowadays, the duo prefers to hand them out to selected listeners--namely, journalists who might get them a spot on MSNBC or Fox News.

Sarah's turn-ons: children, pickup trucks, whiskey, a GED, a sense of humor (she's got jokes), mayonnaise and extremely narrow excerpts of the Holy Bible. Turn-offs: Guns (because they're black), computers, big cities and watermelon.

Sonja's turn-ons: sparkling beaches, guys in uniform (if you know what I mean), dinner by cross-light and national exposure absolutely any way she can get it. Turn-offs: literacy, spices, crayons and Heidi Klum (because she married Seal).

Up next for White Hot is a brand-new Christmas CD, I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...and America (Purity Records). This new album features a mix of traditional holiday hymns and the trademark original compositions that define White Hot, including "Love Thy Neighbor's Hood," "Lynch the Tinsel" and "Jesus Was SO Not Black!"

The Worthy twins hope that their unparalleled combination of faith, sex appeal, and racial hatred will keep the fire of the cross lit in everyone's hearts this season!

The sisters of White Hot leave you with best wishes and these parting quotes:

Sarah: "We're not racist; we just love the white race. If God had wanted us to mingle, he'd have put us all together!"

Sonja: "Always keep your eyes on the prize. Wait, why is that ironic?"


Anonymous said...

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PusBoy said...

You know, what's really sad is that I have no idea if White Hot really exists, or if this is simply another example of spot-on satire from Ian. Dude, if this is satire, you gotta drop some clues in there. The quotes at the end are revealing that maybe - just maybe - this is a joke, but once I saw "Vidor," I was sold. Hook in mouth, out of the water, in the net.

Also, if you've listened to Prussian Blue, they've got a gimmick, but they're not good singers. Weird Al has better range.

Phillip said...

i'll waiting for the prussian blue hip-hop album to debut.

Nick said...

While these girls, and expecially their parents who have brainwashed them, are a discrace to this country, why is there not a public and mainstream media outcry about stuff like this?

"Like my niggas from South Central Los Angeles they found that they couldn't handle us; Bloods, CRIPS, on the same squad, with the Essays up, and nigga, it's time to rob and mob and break the white man off something lovely";
"The Day the Niggaz Took Over"; Dr Dre, The Chronic

This is just as racist and hateful as what these girls have put out, yet, if we deamonize Dr. Dre (a Grammy award winner) for his lyrics, then we are racists, right? White people aren't the only racists.

Ian McGibboney said...

Let's see...15 hours and four minutes. Wow, took longer than I thought for you or someone else to bring in the ol' gangsta-rap argument! Allow me:

1) Gangsta-rap is but one of numerous hip-hop genres, and one that is essentially past its day in the sun. It is irresponsible in lots of ways, though I would not equate its lyrics to the level of Nazi adoration.

2) Much of hip-hop is actually satire or otherwise ironic. "Gangsta's Paradise," for example, is about why a gangsta's paradise is a real-life nightmare. To paraphrase director Paul Verhoeven, if they're rapping about exterminating the white race, it's probably because they agree with you on how misguided and wrong that is. On the other hand, Prussian Blue and their ilk are not known for having a sense of humor about their beliefs or otherwise employing hyperbole as rappers often do.

3) Similarly, any hip-hop artist or rocker can be appropriately villainized by selective quoting of lyrics, whereas hate-rockers are much more on-the-surface about what they believe. Come on, "The Day The Niggas Took Over" is clearly deliberately provocative; compare that to "Aryan man awake, How much more will you take, Turn that fear to hate, Aryan man awake." from Prussian Blue. Which one sounds more earnest to you? I rest my case.

Nick said...

The point is Icon, both are dispicable for a country that should be better than to adore racist lyrics. They are one in the same. Dr. Dre's lyrics to that song are certainly not satire. I would know, I used to listen to nothing but rap until I realized that it is JUST AS BAD as some KKK person saying that but reversing the races in the song. Again, I think it is horrible that these girls are putting out this hate crap, but people seem to want to deny that it doesn't go happen on the other side of the racial spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Is not America great when multi-culturalism and diversity applies to the white race now in America? These beautiful girls with their pretty blue eyes are darling and I wish them much success. I hope that they stay with their style of singing folk songs, and never stray down the path that Britney and Madonna did! God Bless America! The white race has a place in this grand melting put of diversity again.

Ian McGibboney said...

The white race? Which one? I don't belong to the same one as the white supremacists, that's for sure. I don't hate myself, nor do I think I'm better than anyone else. I hang out with whomever I choose and make no prior judgments.

PusBoy said...


Rap never gets criticized? Ever heard of the PMRC? Ever heard of 2 Live Crew? Ever seen those fundagelical morons using a steamroller to crush rap CDs?

Red herring, sir! Red herring!

Michael said...

Als Historiker des zweiten Weltkrieges (und insbesondere der Scheußlichkeiten der Nazis), ich kann es nicht ausdrücken, wie es entmutigt mich, Leute im 21. Jahrhundert zu sehen, ernsthaft den gleichen wahnsinnigen Unsinn befürwortend, denen Teil und Paket jener Scheußlichkeiten war und für denen die meisten des Nazi-Führung gehangen wurden. Haben wir wirklich so wenig in den 60 Jahren seit dem Krieg beendete gelernt haben?

(It sounded better--and more apropos to this thread--to put that in German. Here's the translation, for those of y'all not already familiar with the so-called Herrensprache: 'As a historian of the Second World War (and of the Nazi atrocities in particular), I cannot express how disenheartening it is to see people, in the 21st century, seriously advocating the same lunatic nonsense that was part and parcel of those atrocities and for which most of the leading Nazis were hanged. Have we really learned so little in the 60 years since that war ended?')

Anonymous said...

what's the big deal? if it were two blacks singing about malcolm x you'd be groveling at their feet and kissing their asses anyway i'd quit worrying about two little kids and worry about why your country is fighting a war to make israel the most racist country on the planet safe.funny isn't it how the goverment gives israel billions to kill the arabs and make sure jews are never a minority in israel yet tell americans to worship diversity so FORWARD MARCH IRAN IS THAT WAY GOYIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian McGibboney said...

I see why you're anonymous. I wouldn't take credit for that either.